My first day 🥑

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1st of September, my first day back on keto journey. Celebrated with a typical keto breakfast: coffee with cream, bacon, eggs and avocado. A lot of my friends who try lose weight tend to think skipping breakfast is a good thing. “I’m not hungry in the morning “, and “I’m doing Intermittent Fasting “ are most common arguments. And to be blatantly honest with you.. not that long ago I was in this group too.

Let me tell you.. both arguments are fundamentally wrong.

1. If you are not hungry in the morning you are probably already having some sort of hormonal imbalance. According to chronobiology, in the morning your hunger hormone, Ghrelin, should be high and Leptin, satiety hormone – low. Another words – you SHOULD feel hungry in the morning. If you aren’t, don’t force yourself into a big fry up straight away. Start with a bulletproof coffee or a green smoothie at the beginning. Just try to adapt your body to breaking the fast in the morning. Which brings me to another point …

2. If you practice IF (Intermittent Fasting), it’s much better to open eating window early (by eating breakfast) and finish with an early dinner. In the morning your body is naturally ready to absorb and digest food, in the evening however your metabolism slows down as well as your digestive enzymes. By having early dinner you will also ensure you are hungry in the morning. You will sleep much better as your digestive system will be resting and if you have a good night sleep your hunger hormones will be balanced.

Starting the day with sunlight and breakfast has many benefits, try it.

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