Molly’s Keto Kitchen, Low-carb bread, snacks & sauces in Malaysia

[Parts of this story were taken from a video interview we did with the founder in August 2021.]

For a while now, ketogenic (or keto for short) has been a popular lifestyle option for health nuts or individuals looking to lose some weight.

As a low-carb, high-fat diet, keto diets require quite a bit of accommodation as the practitioner wouldn’t be able to eat foods such as bread, rice, noodles, potatoes, and more.

Due to these restrictions, a lot of brands have popped up to cater to people on keto diets, allowing them to easily practise the lifestyle.

This includes a Malaysian mother-and-son duo’s brand Molly’s Keto Kitchen. Established in July 2020 by mum Molly and son Andy, the brand started as a small home-based business that has since turned into a full-fledged operation.  

Sparked by a financial crisis

Andy and his family took a hit when the pandemic first started. He received salary cuts, while his wife, Yen, was retrenched. Income started to be an issue.

Furthermore, the couple was expecting a baby boy who they would eventually welcome into the world in October 2020.

Having been practising the keto lifestyle for a few years, Andy came across a Facebook group called LCHF (low carb, high fat) Keto Market where he would buy various keto items.

Image Credit: Molly’s Keto Kitchen

After being on Facebook for a while, Andy began to familiarise himself with the types of people and products on the platform.

Paired with their financial hardships and uncertainty in the job market, Andy realised that keto-friendly foods were an industry he and his family could get into too.

After all, Andy’s mum, Molly, has always been supportive of his diet, personally cooking up keto-friendly recipes. According to Andy, she’s always cared about her family’s health.

“Why don’t we start selling [keto-friendly food] ourselves?” he wondered. And so, they did.

The key to keto foods

According to Andy, Molly’s Keto Kitchen is all about helping people eat the things they love without guilt.

“The idea is to get [the food] as close as possible to what you’d normally eat [in terms of] non-keto products,” Andy explained.

For instance, a popular product from…

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