MIND OVER MUNCH: Check Out These Low Carb & Keto Halloween Candy Recipes

hosted by Alyssia Sheikh

ABOVE VIDEO: It’s a Halloween miracle: the ultimate Keto Halloween treats to satisfy any sweet tooth!

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – It’s a Halloween miracle: the ultimate Keto Halloween treats to satisfy any sweet tooth!

And not just any ol’ keto desserts or DIY Halloween treats – I’ve got 3 Keto candy recipes that taste like the real deal.

You won’t find much (or any) keto Halloween candy at the store, but it’s so easy to make your own low carb candy at home!

Each of these healthy do-it-yourself candy remakes uses just a few ingredients and requires no oven or cooking at all.

I’ve got a keto peanut butter cups recipe (a.k.a. Reeses Cups), keto Almond Joy minis and, the easiest keto candy recipe of all: peanut M&Ms with a low carb twist!

Sure, you COULD eat sugar free candy on keto that you find at the store, artificially sweetened.

But let’s be real – it usually tastes pretty gross! Whether you’re looking for cleaner, healthy Halloween treats or sugar free & low carb halloween goodies, this homemade keto Halloween candy does not disappoint!


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