Meet the Keto coach who has made life healthier and happier for many

Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tough if you live in a food hub like Dubai. The good news is it’s not impossible, especially if you have a coach like Shirley D’Souza, who is also known as Keto Coach DXB.

The certified ketogenic coach has spent the past four years helping people transform into their best selves, by nurturing good food habits and helping them understand what their body needs. The proof is in the ratings; five stars on Google. 

Shirley believes that a good diet is not about making strict rules for oneself that cripple one with guilt if broken. Instead she calls for indulgence in moderation and tweaking of menus to ensure delicious, healthy meals.

This means there’s no such thing as ‘food that’s off limits’, no, not even chocolate. 

She offers both one-to-one and group  mentorship for those looking for a healthier life. 

Her clients, those who decide to be in the focus group, get both privacy as well as interact with small community that keeps them motivated.

Keto Coach DXB has clients across the globe, who credit her for their new fit life, including in New Zealand, USA, Canada, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, France, Italy, Australia, and even Lebanon. 

She has been instrumental in helping people find their passion – often, for food. She has helped inspire businesses; two of her UAE-based clients and one Australian client have launched their own keto-based successful empires thanks to her help.

Her work has also helped both men and women resolve longstanding health concerns such as fertility, diabetes and obesity. Some of her clients have shed as much as 30kgs of weight with her guidance.

She has led by example as she herself lost 35kgs of weight relying on keto diet, which also helped her overcome dysmenorrhea, for which she had previously had five operations, cholesterol and borderline insulin.

For one-on-one coaching or to be part of the focus group, call +971 55 591 1127


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