MasterChef Reveals Diet Planned for Zion Williamson to Help Him win 2023 MVP

MasterChef Christian Green is one of the most important people in the Zion Williamson camp, he has to make sure the star eats right and well! 

Zion Williamson missed a majority of the games in only the first three years of his young career. While injuries have gotten the better of the New Orleans Pelicans forward, being slightly overweight has certainly not helped him stay fit either.

Despite speculations of “Zanos’” weight climbing over 315 pounds, the Pelicans offered the youngster a 5-year, $193 million max rookie contract extension with a condition. The 6-foot-6 forward is obligated to stay under 295lbs in weight (in lbs) and maintain a certain body fat percentage.

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Entering the 2022-2023 season, Zion looks slimmer than ever before. Clearly, he’s lighter and is moving ever faster. Shedding weight has helped him improve a lot. And huge credit for the same should be given to his personal chef – Christian Green.

Christian Green reveals the diet he uses for Zion Williamson

Green has been working with Williamson for almost half a year now. And throughout the former Duke Blue Devil’s rehab process, a healthy diet has been key.

A few months ago, the MasterChef was asked to reveal the “strict dietary regimen” the All-Star has to follow. Green revealed:

“He’s very much so on a strict diet. In the morning, it’s very simple, egg whites, maybe half a cup of baked breakfast potatoes, (and) turkey sausage. (at) Midday, he may have one sandwich, with keto bread, and then for dinner, depending on the carb we may use, whether it’s sweet potatoes or we may go brown rice, I do half a cup of brown rice, and I do between eight to 12 ounces of protein and four ounces of vegetables.”

Further, when asked to disclose the slasher’s favorite dish, he said, “Wooooo, Ummm, my wheat ground turkey spaghetti. Lamb chops is (are) good, the salmon is good, but I’d say the healthy spaghetti that I do for him.”

According to Green, Zion will be having an MVP-type season

Earlier, Christian revealed that Zion has what it takes to be the best since LeBron James. Now,…

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