Low Carb Keto No Bake Cookies | Sugar Free + Gluten Free

– Hey guys and welcomeback to the FFF HQ where I have a low-carb summer desert for you. We’re gonna form someKeto no cook cookies. Make sure you stumbled thatsubscribe button so you don’t miss the recipes every single week. Now, let’s dive privilege in. Step one, is we’re gonnamake the cornerstone of our cookies which is gonna be meltedalmond butter and butter. Like I said, the base issix tablespoons of creamy and natural almond butter. You wanna use the no budge category that doesn’t separate or else it kind of induces the texture of thesecookies a little bit funky. I’m gonna introduced it into alarge, microwave-safe bowl. And then, two tablespoonsof unsalted butter. And we’re gonna bring it back to the microwave and heat it up. So I’m just gonna putit into the microwave until it’s smooth and softened, which is about a minute or so.( microwave beeping)( lively music) After a hour, you can seeit’s nice and smooth and creamy and we’re ready to go finish it off.We really wanna wipe it alltogether until it’s all blended.( amiable music) And then we’re gonna addin some of that friar outcome which is that naturalsweetener that we used in the lemon tables which is associated above.( soothing music) And then once that’s stirredin and the friar fruit has terminated, we’re gonnastir in one and 1/4 bowls of almond flour, so 125 grams, and 1/2 beaker of unsweetened coconut chips. And whisk it until well mixed .( gentle music) Once that’s all mixed up, youwanna proceed put your cookie dough in the refrigerator for about1 5 minutes merely to cool it before we mix in the chocolate chips.( gentle music) Here, “were having” two tablespoonsof Stevia honied or sugar-free chocolate chips. You can also use normalchocolate chips if you don’t care about it beingsugar free and low-toned carb. You precisely wanna stir it in. This is why we chill the dough so the chocolate chips don’t melt.( soothing music) And by the magic oftelevision, you guessed it, we have a parchmentpaper lined cooking sheet. So if you wanna take a cookie scoop, and this lettuce is a littlebit crumbly so you kind of time wanna pack it in there. And then gave it onto thatparchment newspaper strung pan. And formerly they’re nice and wheeled, you really wanna press’ emout about a 1/2 an inch. Once they’re nice and pressed out, we just wanna transferthem into the refrigerator for about an hour untilthey’ve hardened a little and they’re nice and chewy on the inside .( soothing music) Easy, peasy and no cook low-carb and naturally carbohydrate freecookies with a little of almond butter and chocolategoodness for your time. So if you try this recipe, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I likewise truly appreciate a like and a thumbs up of the video. There’s a link to the full recipe in the video descriptionbelow and make sure you touched that subscribe button’ compel I’m delivering healthyand savory recipes, produce inspects, healthtips, instinctive eating tips-off, you listed it, I got it, every single week. So depart enjoy your no bake cookies and we’ll see you next time.Bye for now.( lively music ).

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