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( upbeat music) – Hey Munchies! Welcome if you’re new. I’m Alyssia and I am sohappy to have you here. A few months ago, I did alow-carb desserts episode and you guys wanted more so now I have cookies. -( whines) Oh these cookies! – Put that cookie down! Now! – I have six cookie recipesthat are low in carbs and low-pitched in sugar and if youstick around til the end I’m gonna show you howyou can get a free PDF with all the recipes. First up is a classic, revamped chocolate chip.I combine almond flour, baking soda, baking pulverize, and salt in one bowl. In another, I whisktogether defrosted butter , now I opt grass-fed butter today because that’s what aclassic cookie calls for, but if you aren’t a follower, coconut petroleum is fine. Eggs, Erythritol, or alow-carb granulated sweetener of your choice, and vanilla extract. I stir the baked into the wet and then I can mix insugar-free chocolate chips, or you could use cacao nibs if you really wantedto boost the nutrition. Transfer dollops of dough onto a baking sheet rowed with parchment. Slightly flatten with your hand and bake until the edges begin to brown and allow to cool before enjoying.Holy moly! Buttery, soft, and atad cakey in the middle with a crisp perimeter and a nicebalance of salty and sugared. That almond flour equips anice nut feeling that I affection and I think you will too.( suspenseful music) How about another classic? Peanut butter. This one is so easy becauseit has just a few parts and some of you may haveseen recipes like this before but what you may not have realise is it’s actually so easyto make it low-carb. Combine peanut butter, a low-carb sweetener, and I recommend applying a powdered sweeter, if you don’t have one, you can just blend up regular granulated sweetener in a blender. Along with an egg and salt if your peanut butter isn’t salted. Mix it up. I favor my hand mixer for this dough. And then scoop out the dough and convey to your baking expanse. For the classic watch, I use a forking to create the crisscross structure and press those children down. Bake them up but don’tlet them brown too much.They will burn immediately. Then you can transfer toyour baking rack and cool. If you are a peanut butter cookie fan, these will not disappoint. They’ve got a crispedge and a softer middle-of-the-road with a very potent peanut butter flavor since there’s not much elseto them ingredients wise. If you are noticing that thesecookies seem higher in overweight, you are correct! That is because typicallytake one macronutrient out, like carbs, you gotta addanother back in, like fat.And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If you wanna learn moreabout a low-carb lifestyle, check out my Keto 101 video. We’re make that recipe to the next level and making a low-carb doublechocolate chunk cookie. I mix almond or anynut butter “youd prefer”, two eggs, chocolate pulverization, pulverized sweetener, broiling pulverize and salt ifneeded with a hand mixer. Stir in some dark chocolate dollops, sugar-free if wished. Dollop that dough. Press down a bit and broil in the oven. Again, cool on a bakingrack before enjoying.( static) – We interrupt your regularlyscheduled programming to “ve brought you” an urgent bulletin. It is time for you to agree. Not only that, but there is a requirement thumped the buzzer. If you is not affected the buzzer, you will not be notified of new videos.I repeat, you will not be notified( static) -[ Alyssia] Almond is a milder nut butter, so it pairs well with thecocoa without vanquish it. This is definitely adouble chocolate cookie, Dense and fudge-y. Were going to the opposite side of the chocolate spectrum this time with one of my personal favorite classics: a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. What is your favorite cookie? Let me know in the comments below. First, I’ve gotta makemy white chocolate chips. This is a tough one for low carb because there aren’t reallyany grey chocolate microchips that are carbohydrate free or low-toned carb on the market that I know about. If you do know about them, let me know. Either way, I’m showing youhow to offset your own now. Melt down cacao butter and coconut petroleum, add that to a blender withdry whole milk pulverization, powdered sweetener and a tinge of salt. Use a baster or syringe to transfer to your chocolate chipmolds or a bar mildew is penalize. And then chill until hardened. Pop those newborns out andthen store in the freezer until you’re ready to use.For the cookie, I compound almond flour, baking soda, cooking powderand salt in one bowl. And butter, eggs, sweetener, and vanilla in another. I contribute the dry to the wet. And then can stir in mychopped macadamia nuts. Once I have the dough, Idollop on to the baking sheet. And press. But wait, what about the grey chocolate? Because these defrosted rapidly, you’ll want to add themto your cookies frozen. I time hurl them on top last minute before they going to be home the oven. Bake those babies up andobserve and affirm how huge you are for makingsuch a yummy cookie.( whooshing) Macadamia and grey chocolatemeans salty and sweetened together, a perfect cookiepairing in my opinion.Soft in the middle, a crispy boundary, and the almond flour clears it additional flaky. We’ve done a lot of cooking so far. What about a no bake cookie? Do you miss a no cook cookie recipe? If you do, thumbs up. Okay, so you know I’mgonna give it to ya anyway, but the least you can do isgive me a dang thumbs up.( static) I lend unsweetened coconutshreds, coconut oil, liquid sweetener of selection, I’m employ a liquid fiber syrup that I will join in the specific characteristics, but you can use any liquid sweetener, vanilla extract, and salt. Mix it super well. And then use soften paws toform into your cookie influences. Let those children firm up in the refrigerator. Say what? These are a bit addicting, so it may be best to keep them frozen and thawout when you’re ready to eat. Okay, I’ve got one more today. Last-place but not least: shortbreadcookies low-grade carb publication. These are so easy. Combine butter andsweetener with a hand mixer.Add in vanilla and salt, then you can beat in your almond flour, about a third at a time. If the dough tips up too crumbly or dry, consider adding one moretable spoon of defrosted butter. Scoop out contracted spoonfuls of dough, form them into your cookieshape, and are additional to a cookie sheet. Flatten slightly on top. These won’t spread much, soflatten them before they going to be home. Bake in the oven until theedges are golden chocolate-brown. Cool wholly on thetray before sufficing. Holy Toledo! These actually taste justlike a shortbread cookie. Not too cool or dense, buttery , not a cookie, but genuinely a cookie. I hope you experienced these. If you miss easy accessto these, I have a,( whooshing) I have a free PDF for mynewsletter readers. If you are already subscribed, you already got the email with the link. But if you aren’t once agreed, go subscribe atmindovermunch.com for free, and you’ll get that eBookto your inbox for free.I’ll see you next week, and remember, especially when it comes to cookies, it’s- – It’s all a matter of head over munch.( beep) -[ Alyssia] Oh, oh hi ..

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