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[ music] Rob – Hello and welcome to this episode of HomeMade Healthy. I’m your legion Rob and I’m here with my wonderful bride Lisa. Darling what are we making for our friends today? Lisa – Today is a low-carb granola cereal. So if you’re missing cereal, this is gonna be just what the doctor ordered. Ok so we’re going to start off with a fourth beaker of pecans and a one-quarter beaker of cashews. You can be utilized almond you can use one that you can use whatever much have on heaves but because the two I opted and we are just going to use my handy dandy ok chopper let me chop that all right he’s gonna chop that triptalk this is a super easy recipe this is egg-free angry free so hard to hear when I’m supermarket it good okay they can be rough topics penalty then we have a quarter cup of butter you can use coconut oil if your dairy free but it does have a powder so I just think it’s better I like it alright and then we’ve got a quarter cup of vanilla protein pulverize i used a strip merely because it’s a somewhat clean one and I like the sweetener that they use then we’ve got a quarter cup of almond flour on one almond dinner it doesn’t “ve got to be” blanched you can use either or i have kind of a compounding with you going to do a teaspoon of cinnamon which is great for blood sugar regulation and we’re going to do a key spoonful of vanilla cereal is one of those things that you missed so much better when “theres going” low-grade carbs nothing like at the end of the day having a nice like tiny clods petulant quench that sweet tooth this is perfect because they’re gonna adoration it I adore it it’s one of my favorite so you’re good perhap things together again and you can use it on yogurt as well and you merely mingle it all till it’s well incorporated and then you’re going to positioned it on a cookie expanse and not set it on a plane baking pan exactly because what will end up happening is you will need butter and you don’t invest in your oven alright so you time pour it out auntie I would apply a piece of parchment paper some broiling baking article Oh what we’re supposed to previous data to i’ll bring the I’m 300 300 evangelist of 340 start actually forgot to say that but I recollect to preheat so they do so you really spread it out and you’re going to bake it on 300 for about 15 minutes it’s the members of this house will reek astounding and spread it out so you want to get nice and crunchy so pretty pretty good we made a batch earlier so we’ll substantiate you what it looks like when it comes you’re gonna place this in the oven hitherto i’m going to settle this little value performed earlier so Bo you’re actually really that’s why you’re really here liberty that’s right I’m government officials so yeah we facilitate me uh-huh I see how it is alright this is going to go in the oven on the top shelf for 15 hours and then i am according to another floor almond milk so we use the unsweetened vanilla almond milk luscious are you click it yogurt yogurt is a nice little crunch there is just like childhood it’s still good at how the crunch has a little bit of crunch fishing fleets now the cranium help is perfect the serials what is almost guard yourself enjoy it alright “i m hoping you” experiencing your this episode of homemade healthy yep I’ve been your emcee Rob and this is my lovely bride Lisa and this is our wonderful low-carb cereal remember you can follow us on instagram at home reached health official or follow us on snapchat homemade healthy and we are only started a Facebook page homemade health essential so don’t forget to subscribe and watch out for more videos it’s a lot

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