Ketosis at very last 😃

Measured my ketons and glucose level yesterday and my GKI is 4.5 which indicates medium ketosis. Very good results especially because my adaptation coincided with my mum’s visit. It was quite challenging to keep up with my macros especially when going out. Anyway… I’ve made it and that‘s that.

My adaptation only took just over a week because I was in ketosis before, I’m metabolically flexible and my body “remembers” how to use ketons.

I actually knew I was in ketosis because I experienced very typical ketosis symptoms:

🥑 my hunger subsided

🥑 no carvings

🥑 felt thirsty all the time ( dry mouth feeling)

🥑 more energy

🥑 better sleep

So what next? Next week I have to change my macros, reduce dietary fat to 60% ( I need a new menu of course) and finally make those lovely ketons take care of my belly fat.

It’s worth mentioning that in spite of quite high calories intake and up to 85% of fat in my diet I’ve still lost 1 kg in a week. I know it’s mostly water, but getting rid of excess of water is a good thing too.

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