hi everyone and therefore welcomed another fatfor weight loss ketogenic dinner hope video in today’s video I’m showing youseven days of snack hopes that are based around the ketogenic nutrition so a high fatlow carb diet if you are anywhere from the fledgling to someone who’s justgetting back into the ketogenic food then this banquet mean is going to beperfect for you all of the macros all of the calories everything is calculatedfor you you even get a shopping list and a weekly meal plan overview and it’sit’s really really simple you’re going to really affection this mealplan and stick around to the end of the video because that’s where I demo youhow to actually download the free dinner schedule so let’s get started you’ve gottabutter coffee for breakfast but for lunch you’re gonna have a cob salad soyou’re going to slice up some loot and some tomatoes and some cheese and thenyou’re going to put in your cooked diced bacon and you go into half an avocadoand you’re going to positioned a full stewed egg in there and dine that for lunch andfor dinner you’re going to have a sesame beef coleslaw and this is some srirachasauce going in there with some mince( ground beef) and some soy sauce some olive oil and somesesame seeds in there you’re going to make a little of coleslaw in there sobasically 300 grams( 10 oz) of dry coleslaw you’re going to desegregate it all around cook it upand it is fantastic so for breakfast you’re gonna have a extremely chia seedpudding so you’re gonna lend a tablespoon of chia seeds some coconut paste and youmix it all around and now you can add the berries in now like that or you canput them on top later on you really got to let it sit in the fridge overnightcovered so that it gives the chia seeds suck all the water so for lunch you’regonna have the leftover sesame beef coleslaw but for dinner you going tohave the cashew chicken so you’re just gonna cut up some chicken thigh orbreast kept it in there with some coconut oil and some garlic and also some gratedginger and you’re going to cook that off a little and you’re going to put insome dark-green capsicum or spices and some diced onion and you’re going to cookthat through with some soy sauce and with a little of vinegar and alittle bit of chili as well if you so desire it is really really delicious andyou contribute some cashews to that later on so you alreadyknow how to draw the other banquets for today but I’m going to show you how tomake the Fathead pizza so you’re gonna melt the cheese with some paste cheesein there and you’re going to add an egg while it’s still hot and make sure youget that all through the cheese and you’re gonna included a tablespoon of almondflour to that and it becomes this lettuce character combine and you’re going to roll itout in between two sheets of baking newspaper it’s really really easy to rollout and what you do is you cook it in the oven for about five minutes firstand then you snap it over when you’re ready to start position some tops onso that’s going into the oven flipped over and we’re going to keep a tablespoonof posada sauce on there which is basically tomato puree you’re gonna putsome Italian herbs and a little bit more cheese on top and it is absolutelydelicious as a pizza so the brand-new recipe today is dinner and it is kitto chillicon carne so you’re going to dice up and cook some bacon you’re going to cooksome white-hot onion and some beef mince there and that’s about a pound of beefmince and there is a can of diced tomatoes and some light-green peppers orcapsicum you’re going to add some passata sauce some smoked paprika inthere add some salt and concoction that around cause it cook for a little while supplemented thebacon back into it and then remain cooking for about ten minutes and it isabsolutely fantastic so for dinner you’re gonna have somesalmon with asparagus and lime and butter and this is the best recipe inthis snack supporter by far because all you have to do is applied all of the ingredientsinside some aluminium foil and concoct it in the oven for about 25 times so keepit in a wash so that liquors don’t go all through your oven and pull it out and itis absolutely amazing so you know how to compile the other snacks but for dinner oneso that you can have Thai beef stir-fry which is some olive oil some ginger somegarlic and some diced carrot and you’re going to cook that until the carrotturns somewhat translucent then you’re going to add the zucchini in there sozucchini deprives cook that around and remove it and add the beef airstrips inthere and so you’re going to cook that with some beef stock and also somecoconut milk and that’s going to go in there and it’s going to make the beeftaste really really really good and you’re gonna add these stir-fryvegetables back into that once the flesh has been cooked along with some cashewsas well this recipe is absolutely deliciousyou’re gonna really really adoration this one who doesn’t adoration pancakes for breakfaston Sunday so this is going to be a keto pancake so you’re gonna fracture an egg andbeat it with some cream of tartar in there you’re going to add some almondflour so that’s a quarter of a goblet of almond flour you’re going to add atablespoon of a rifra towering you’re going to add a tablespoon of coconut or oliveoil and you’re going to add a one-fourth of a teaspoon of roasting pulverize and somevanilla extract in there get that cooking in a hot pan with a little bitof oil in the wash as well and you’re going to have some really reallydelicious flannel-cakes so for lunch on Sunday you’re going to have some creamychicken a clam goblet so it’s two of the chicken thighs in there they go in theoven for about 20 minutes and they come out super moist and you’re going to putin 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise you can either buy or move your own then you’regoing to chopper some coriander or cilantro wherever you are in the world and addsome diced onion in there as well and you’re going to articulated the chicken intothat creamy sauce and assortment it all around and make sure the chicken is well mixedthrough and you’re going to keep that into the lettuce beakers and you’re goingto top it with some cherry tomatoes this recipe is going to do rockyour world so I hope you really really enjoyed that video if you go to the linkthat is on the screen right here right now you will be able to download theseven-day free ketogenic banquet programme and you are able to get started right awaythere is a shopping plan there is the weekly overview and there is everythingthat you need to get started it has all the recipes everything calculated foryou so go ahead and download that recipe if you like a meal hope videos like thismake sure you let me know in the comments if you want me to do a specificmeal plan then certainly let me know in the comments below if you haven’tconsidered already make sure you hit subscribe below as well it genuinely helpsme out and it helps me establish videos like this just for you so until the nextmeal schedule video I will see you then

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