Keto Week 1 / How Much Did I lose?? / Part 1 / Be Your Own Hero Weight Loss Journey 2021

Hi everybody my name is Kelli Jones with as well as i'' m here to share my weight loss story I’m really hoping that this network will certainly consist of a weight reduction story with dance and also ballet for the non-traditional and also irregular dancer however that'' s down the road however, for today on January 1st I began a 30-day keto difficulty and also today is my one week outcomes of my initial week on keto so if you'' re curious about that please keep viewing [Songs] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Songs] yep so so this is in this video clip I believed that I would certainly chat a little regarding what my week was like yet very first I was going to go on and also do my weigh-in so here it is hi everybody so this is my week two weigh-in I ultimately made it to timber I’ve done a great deal of recordings of my beginning weight I didn'' t ever
placed any kind of of them up till recently yet this is week two I.
did it all right all right so um it is at 12:55.
Friday January 8th 2021 and also much like recently I’m going to.
take my phone and also put it here so you can watch me evaluate in.
there we go 245.8.
yeah this is this is my 2nd recording I put on'' t understand. which one I will certainly place it however the initial one.
I was sort of in shock and truly appearances I wear'' t know if
I painted it. because I was simply like divine moly yeah like. yesterday I went to 248 I didn'' t I just didn ' t see this coming.
as well as I went much more today also it'' s. due to the fact that it ' s you understand it ' s 12:56. Oh wow. okay so yet I believe that you recognize that ' s what. I have not starved myself today I promise oh my gosh. fine so that'' s my weigh-in as well as fine uh so that ' s everything I hope that.
all of you have a remarkable day au revoir.
wow can you think that so in 7 days. I lost 8.6 pounds because let
me see so recently I considered what did I weigh
. recently last week I evaluated 254.4 is that. correct I think that ' s best and afterwards.
this week I considered did I consider I have reached look this up
what is it what did. I evaluate fine oh below it is fine so recently I. evaluated 254.4 extra pounds and also this week I weigh 245.8. whoa that'is
amazing so I think that ' s 8.6 extra pounds that ' s. unreal so yep so here I printed it out.
this resembles what my scale appears like yet I’ll'kind of place it up there for you.
men also if'you intend to see it yet I put on ' t due to the fact that you might most likely. couldn ' t read that extremely well yet yep so oh my gosh that ' s unbelievable. right or to me it resembled I sort of feeling in. total shock I did not see that coming since I truly I did not starve myself. I did not I um as an issue of fact the initial 3. days I stayed I ate keto at extremely low carb. but I over ate my various other macros due to the fact that it
was simply kind. of difficult beginning however yeah so 8.6 extra pounds.
that'' s what uh so yes there it is so yeah'so um. yeah that ' s it wow okay so I lost 8.6 extra pounds is this for.
real like it doesn ' t really feel genuine it truly. doesn ' t feel real like I had to such as message individuals as well as state is this actual. I put on'' t understand if I think this or not so I wear ' t know the more I look right into it the. more I’ve heard back from everybody it ' s extremely really common when you first. begin keto till decline a lot
of weight actually quick. and also I understand that a part of that which a lot of you are already probably.
thinking is water weight uh from what I’ve.
discovered and also from what I comprehend carbs hold a great deal of water therefore.
that'' s going on in your first week and also I really have now seen YouTube video clips.
where people lost a whole lot more than I did so.
that appears like so much and I assume it'' s also due to the fact that I’m so heavy I
think the. larger you are you'are the faster you ' re mosting likely to
reduce weight. at'first so I assume
that ' s what it is so yeah I indicate. so it is a genuine weigh-in it is genuine you know certainly.
every one of that yet is it actual as in will it stick. is it gon na be'there I don'' t recognize we ' ll see. I put on ' t understand due to the fact that to be truthful it ' s a couple of days past.
that weigh-in as well as I sanctuary ' t shed anymore weight and also in.
truth I have actually obtained a pound or 2 so yeah so it might have simply been that. first week something that was taking place so. yet that ' s all right you recognize uh even if
I shed absolutely nothing today even if I get a. couple of pounds this week I’m still entering the best instructions. so I’m great with that said wow I
rejoice I just said that. to you people due to the fact that to be entirely truthful walking my home I have actually not been.
that optimistic concerning it I’ve been actually dissatisfied today and also as a.
matter of truth I didn'' t even want to make this video clip. because I was like I shed all that weight currently
I’ve. got a couple back and okay yeah to make sure that'' s simply that ' s simply the fact and. um so while I’m still pleased as can be regarding that initial weight reduction
. I’ve been stumped today because if anything.
I’m making a little less as well as that might become part of the problem.
it actually keto takes your hunger therefore.
yeah it'' s not that I’m trying to not eat it'' s just I fail to remember'it ' s. wild it simply it actually takes your cravings. so yep so anyway so there there it is so. so far I truly like the keto diet far more than I thought it'would it ' s. no it ' s a lot easier than other times I’ve done oh my gosh. because like your cravings is just taken you fail to remember to consume.
I can not inform you the last time I failed to remember to eat.
oh my gosh to make sure that'' s just type of wild.
so yes so much I like it respectable I I’ve only gotten on it you understand you know.
for a few days I indicate for you recognize a little over a week now.
um so I can'' t truly state without a doubt down the road but.
what'' s type of remained in the back of my mind is if it keeps going the way it'' s. going I was thinking of remaining on it for you know three to six.
months uh to sort of reset my body a little from all of the hefty weight.
gain and you recognize to aid my body simply.
type of reset and after that doing an extremely devoted you recognize health and wellness.
food diet plan like I wear'' t know I believed about I don ' t. know if you people have actually heard it yet there ' s a diet regimen called the wall surfaces procedure.
and it'' s a completely dry wall uh she has um MS and. she just came it ' s simply a very
nutritional diet regimen it doesn ' t it simply reduces. out you know stuff that you
shouldn ' t be. consuming like artificial things as well as things but it.
generally concentrates on what you should consume rather of informing you what you can'' t. eat and um she urges you to consume lots and whole lots.
of fruits as well as veggies like great deals like she has procedure you understand exactly how.
to you understand gauge them all it simply feels like a means to flood my body with.
nutrients as well as so I sort of assumed about that diet regimen.
when I’m finished with this set yet I wear'' t recognize we ' ll see like I claimed
I just. don ' t'recognize yet it ' s it ' s at first and also um I hadn ' t. decided what I wish to provide for sure. as well as would certainly I suggest keto to others it'' s only seven days in so I’m not quite.
sure yet I assume I require to go a bit much longer as of today I put on'' t
see. myself getting on keto for life I have actually thought regarding I wear'' t know I’m. simply gon na take it this one month if it continues to go well for me.
uh then i might opt for you understand three to six months.
but I wear'' t think I’ll be on keto permanently since right now anyway that.
understands I might change my mind later on um it just sort of to honestly what it.
feels like to me is I type of feel like I’m.
resetting my body and also I seem like when I come off of keto I’m gon na have.
to be equally as thorough and also retraining myself to ensure that I.
ate healthy and balanced as well as you recognize eat appropriate amounts and also things.
like that so yeah to make sure that'' s sort of where I am now yet like I claimed it'' s just. it ' s not I place ' t been on it for really lengthy to. understand for certain I’m beginning um this journey with. reducing weight with everything I’m trying to do. now uh every week I thought I would certainly try to.
you know ask myself what deep down in my heart you know what is actual what I’m.
actually sensation and share that with you individuals as well as I did that recently.
and also I and today I did it again like the uh.
the other day right after I evaluated and I thought of the week as well as what.
it resembled I I sort of you recognize asked myself you know.
like what do you really feel what are you actually sensation.
right currently and also um as well as with the weigh-in I was in.
shock that was my response simply truthfully I didn'' t see that coming.
I didn'' t recognize I would certainly lose that much weight I understand currently
that it ' s very. regular and also as a matter of fact a lot of individuals shed a lot extra. but um however yep and after that among the uh coolest things.
that involved me is um I seem like.
a small hope a small murmur of hope at the.
has actually crept into my heart which perhaps my life would be regular again.
which feels actually cool as well as certainly what else I think allow me.
check in right currently what do I feel I like doing these videos it inspires me.
it aids me look extra at the silver lining I’m actually brand-new so there'' s very few.
people seeing so I haven'' t experienced what some individuals experienced with. you understand dreadful individuals who claim negative points and.
stuff like that so I sanctuary'' t experienced the disadvantages.
however I however it'' s been actually awesome I have a great deal of I’m in a group where.
we'' re all kind of encouraging each other to do things similar to this as well as um.
and also I believe that makes a significant difference it simply really feels very motivating it feels.
excellent in my heart it feels wonderful in my heart and also um.
yeah that'' s regarding everything okay so I assumed that I would additionally.
share my measurements with all of you um I was mosting likely to measure.
myself this week however since I have actually shed a fair bit of.
weight I wear'' t recognize that would certainly be exact for.
my beginning yet I had actually already determined just out screen.
for recently therefore I believed I would certainly share a few of those with you guys.
um so below we go so my beginning dimensions for January first 2021.
is my midsection at my stomach button that'' s the largest component of my waistline now it made use of.
to be the tiniest part of my waist yet my midsection at my stubborn belly switch is 48.
inches my hips at the biggest part are 51.
inches my arm I intended to gauge my.
arm due to the fact that I have actually gotten a great deal of weight in that location.
anyway it at the largest component of my arm is 15 inches.
and also now the rest of my um methods to kind of monitor myself planet is.
a pair of various things my I thought I would certainly do my clothes size and a.
couple of other stuff my jean dimension is a 22 women'' s and the dimension I
use as well as you. know like tops and shorts and lounge pants things.
like that is a 2x on my range when I consider in it gives me.
a whole lot of other little attributes and I thought I would certainly share a.
pair of those my BMI when I evaluate in is.
39.9 as well as my body fat is 51.4 percent so is my measurements.
yes so.
thank you a lot for viewing this video I really hope.
that uh that it was useful somehow for you um.
and also uh that'' s about it i really hope that you have a terrific day.
thank you once again very much and bye bye [Music] [Music] you [Music] English (auto-generated).

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