– Let’s talk low-carb andketo rice alternatives. Now for the very best in ketoand low-carb cooking with a bit of Louisiana flare, be sure to subscribe, smacked that buzzer button to be notified every time I pole a video. I smacked the aisles of Drug Emporium to find some astonishing low-carb andketo-friendly rice alternatives. I’m Shelly, I share these recipes and tips-off with my hundreds of weightloss, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia patients, that’s a lot of words, and in my two cookbooks, “Skinny Louisiana…in the Kitchen” and “Skinny Louisiana…inthe Slow Cooker.” Now we are all aware of rice, we’re not gonna diveinto it, is not welcome on low-carb keto strategy. 1/4 of a beaker or a 1/2 of a cup, I repute, has, you know, we all knowthis, and even unpolished rice, so knock that out to the curb. I am not sponsored byany of these products that I talk about, but they, of course, are more than welcome totalk to me and announce me or email me, because I have a ton of tips-off for improvement andeven some recipe ideas.Let’s give them a little bitof Cajun flare, shall we? Our firstly make is frozen solid. I only made it out of the freezer. This is our basic cauliflower rice. Now I did a video right here where I talked aboutlow-carb noodle substitutes, and I did not like thefrozen zucchini noodles, but I cherish this. The frozen cauliflowerrice, be it Green Giant, be it whatever store firebrand you go to, wields magnificent in recipes. Here’s the thing, though, and this is what I talk to all of my clients about. This is bland. We have to admit that rice is bland. Rice doesn’t have this supreme spice. So does it work in a recipe like chicken and dark-green beans and cauliflower rice? Probably not, it’s a little boring. We need a little bit of spice. Cauliflower rice workswonderfully mingled into a concoction. So in your slow cooker recipesand your Instant Pot recipes and this is something that I doencourage as both your rice and your pate replacementin the slow cooker and in the Instant Pot.And I’m objecting backthere because typically my Instant Pot’s backthere, but I moved it, so oopsy doodle. And you’re doing more of a casserole, oven’s down now, or a stave top recipe, you do want to blot it. So you’ll concoct it, blotit, then propel it in. Final tip, if you’rereplacing rice in a recipe that is uncooked, so agreat illustration is broccoli cheese rice casserole, callsfor usually uncooked rice. And “theres going”, “I wanna replaceit with cauliflower rice.” Look to see if there’s broth in there. Look to see if there’s water, and you’ll have to pull that out,’ cause if not, you will get a runny mess. Mitt down, immense produce. Now we get from immense to okay. So Green Giant kinda drive, you are familiar with, that huge bandwagonlike so many parties do, if something’s good, letme attain 2,000 of’ em. Hold that think, partner,( pony neighing) let’s kinda gather those reins back,’ causethis is the broccoli rice. Not a devotee. If I mix this in a make, like let’s say I mix it in a soup, the possibility of itslosing its color is very high because we tend to overcook, you know, we cook soup for a long time.Same thing in the Instant Pot. So be very careful abusing this. Not that the perceive is bad, butthe review is kinda lackluster. So Green Giant, label me and we can kinda figure out something and maybe form some recipesthat it won’t get so dark-green. There “theres going”. And here’s where I touch the aisles of the splendid Stimulant Emporium. You know I have an amazingrelationship with them. We do some immense low-carb classes there. I love to coach thecustomers how to eat right and we combine it withour friends over at SWEPCO in doing all of our paraphernalium. This is the Miracle Rice, and so, as you can tell, I need glasses. It is the plant, commentbelow if you’re like me and there is a requirement to glass. It’s vegan, it’s non-GMO, it’s gluten-free, it’s grain- and soy-free. You know I’m not big into that soy nonsense. It is keto-friendly, paleo. I do like this. It is in water, so youneed to pour the liquid out. Let me see how long thissays gargle it, for a minute.So same plan to thosenoodles that we talked about in that video right there, we do rinse this. It runs great in soups, Asian mode foods. Total carbs, three, dietary fiber, three, so the net carb is zero. This is my favorite low-carbrice substitute, the LIVIVA, and I might be saying this wrong, and I’m so sorry if I am. Comment below if I’m saying it wrong or if you can do the inflection. I ever tell folks, I am a master of nutrient , not so much better the grammar. So cure me out, friends. This is by Zeroodle, and they rebrand it. The concoction, the lookof it is much prettier and much more identifiable. This is their shirataki with oat fiber. The carbs is four, thedietary fiber’s three. It’s this just water, that konjak flour, which is that plant from Japan, and then a little bit of oat fiber.And remember, gang, oats are not on keto, but this is keto-certified. Very good, this issomething we open, we drain, and we bathe. This undertakings great in stir-fries and soups. I wouldn’t cook this inthe oven in a casserole. I would use more of thecauliflower rice for that. And you don’t have to pressurize this. So if you really wanna pressurise a dish and budge this in after, anexample would be maybe like egg roll in a bowl, wesee those are so popular, and move this in there, it will be great. So exactly remember to gargle this. This tasks really gone. Price point, 2.95, I thinkthat’s a nice price stage, because if it’s just you dining this, you can probably get a goodone to two suffices of it. So that’s my legend and I’m sticking to it. And because you stayedto the end of the video, if you go into the description box, fill up your grocerycart with some amazing low-carb and keto goodies.And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to take a snapshot( camera clicking) and tag Skinny Louisiana, share it in all of your socials. And to join an breathtaking community, we’re talking extraordinary, ofclose to 12,000 men sharing low-carb, keto-friendly recipes, be sure to friend SkinnyLouisiana on Facebook and comment below, organization, onwhat items you so wishes me shop for low-carb. And, of course, I alwaysgive my honest mind. It’s time for me to go, are ya last-minute, gators ..


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