Keto Q&A: hot flashes and hormonal side effects from keto, blood ketone readings fluctuating, hunger on keto, markers for insulin resistance, mold illness marker, and more! — #015

I’m making it my mission to get through as many of YOUR questions as I can for the next few weeks so you get the answers you’ve been waiting for!  Today’s episode will help clarify your questions on blood ketone readings, insulin resistance markers, hunger, hot flashes, other hormonal symptoms, and more!  I’ve also been getting LOTS of questions about the inflammatory response I got from mold exposure, so I’m taking the time to go into detail about testing and treatment for that.



  • How to test to see if your body has been affected by mold
  • What treatment steps are necessary to combat mold illness and the inflammatory response it causes
  • Question #1: Why am I getting hot flashes (and other hormonal symptoms) while keto?  
  • Question #2: Will my blood ketone readings get higher the longer I am in ketosis?  What do low numbers mean?
  • Question #3:  What are the signs of being fat-adapted?
  • Question #4: Is it normal for ketone readings to fluctuate throughout the day?
  • Question #5: Why am I so hungry while eating keto?
  • Question #6: Why are fasting glucose readings normal when I suspect insulin resistance?  What markers do I test for insulin resistance?



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  • Best Ketone Test – Blood Test Kit

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