Keto Q&A: Do Calories Matter?, Keto vs. Fat-Adapted, Should You Fast, Exogenous Ketones, Vegetarian Keto, and more! — #008

I’m taking your listener questions and rolling with them for another episode of Keto Q&A! This episode’s questions are some of the most common, yet most confusing ones out there in the keto community including calories, fasting, exogenous ketone use, and what it means to be fat-adapted.


  • Keto while vegetarian or vegan
  • Veggies and dairy on a keto diet
  • The difference between keto and fat-adaptation
  • Do calories matter with a ketogenic diet and adding more fat to your plate?
  • Should you fast? 
  • My fasting experiment and story
  • Nut consumption on a keto diet
  • Exogenous ketone use


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