Keto on Steroids Updated Plan

i wanted to update my videoentitled keto on steroids so this is the version of the ketogenic dietthat’s very very strict and it’s for those people that need to drop load maybe for a wedding ora situation or you’re at a plateau place and you need to mount start your program okay firstthing we’re going to talk about is these things right here they’re called carbs commonly youwould be given a range between 30 to 50 grams of carbs per epoch we’re gonna fetching that downto five no more than five carbs per daytime okay so best behavior to do it is through chiefly vegetablesnow if we take a look at the total carbs and this is per cup total carb is seven and thennet cyberspace carb is three so if you do spinach all you can do in a afforded epoch is do a little morethan one cup right because you want to you want to keep it within five grams but look at lettuceright here 0.5 so you could do 10 beakers of loot that would be better than spinach avocado youcan do a little more than two goblets of avocado right asparagus look at that point threeso you can do a good amount of asparagus or olives you can do maybe a little more thana cup and a half mushrooms you can do several goblets swiss chard you could do quite a bit zucchiniyou can do a marry bowls arugula you can do more celery you can do a good amount and then you havebok choy and then radish and watercress so so on this program there are things that are veryvery important and things the hell is moderately important and less important this up here isvery very important to keep these carbs below 5 grams per day not per snack and so actually payattention to the neck carbs and how many you can get away with to keep this under 5 grams obviouslylike the veggies right here lettuce asparagus swiss chard arugula bok choy watercress it’sprobably the best right here is better because you can devour more of it that means you’regoing to get vitamin c you’re going to get more nutrients you’re going to get more mineralsfrom that meat but it’s a lot of fiber as well so this is number one right here let’s talk aboutproteins it’s very important that you don’t overdo it with protein you don’t want to go over sevenor maybe eight ounces for certain individuals but frequently between three to seven ounces okay nowwhat you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be doing omad one meal a day so this is all theprotein that you’re going to devour in a committed era if you eat too much protein okay yourbody precisely mostly separates it down and turns into glucose that’s what happens so that can actuallyraise insulin so we keep it moderate we’re going to be totally penalty the key is having a fattiertype of protein why because that’ll keep insulin lower as well like for example on eggs you don’twant to do simply egg whites you want to eat do the whole egg the yolk as well salmon is the idealfish there’s a lot of other fatty fish extremely you can consume but this is perfect okay summer sausagehas more solid in it merely make sure there’s no dextrose in there i just did a video on this i’llput a tie-up down below hamburger is better than steak because most steak is fairly on the leanside there are certain steaks that are fattier but hamburger is a bit fattier and this is whyi would recommend hamburger over other types of meat okay eggs duck eggs would be betterthan chicken eggs because they’re fattier shellfish would be good pork or lambof course from the farmer’s market not from the regional 7-eleven and sausage youwant to get the sausage that has the most fat all right this is your protein now let’s getto the solid of course there’s a lot of overweight with this protein right here but the acceptable fatswould be the olive oil extra virgin the real stuff butter coconut oil lard or tallow now here’s thething you’re gonna articulate some olive oil on your salad dressing you can cook with it with butteryou can actually leant some on your vegetables and you can also cook with it coconut oil youcan cook with it lard you can cook with it tallow you can cook with it but i don’t want youto add a lot more solid to this meal in other words i don’t recommend doing the keto desserts whereyou’re making these solid devices not on this program macadamia nuts and pecans why because they arethe fattiest nut look at the rate it’s like 11.5 fat to one protein so it’s 11.5 times greaterin overweight than protein amazing pecan is seven times greater overweight than protein now peanuts actually havethe most protein and the lowest overweight but that’s a legume the only thing with these two nuts isyou’re going to have to look at the carbs because one ounce is about 1.5 grams of net carb so thathas to be added into this calculation right here and that will kind of tell you the volume ofhow many of these nuts you can have pecans look at this 1.3 gram net carb per ounce so youhave to add that to your your estimate one more fat but it’s really a mix of solid andprotein but it’s actually pretty fatty it’s cod liver not cod liver oil you can buy it in acan and it’s five times as much solid to protein and you can do this as your fat you’re going tobe very very satisfied and plus it has dha big time it has epa which are which are two omega-3fatty battery-acids it has vitamin d it has vitamin a it’s going to be extremely fulfilling you probablycan consume like a half a can and that will you’ll be very very satisfied okay no dairy toohigh in carbs no berries no keto desserts no mct petroleum why because your body is going to burn thismore than your own solid and you will be in ketosis but if your goal is to lose weight just concoction thisfor right now coffee keep it down to like one maybe two per day you can do tea through the dayherbal teas totally fine of course don’t throw carbohydrate in your chocolate electrolytes unusually very importantbecause you’re going to be doing one meal a day and you want to make sure you get all ofyour nutrients b vitamins nutritional yeast is a good source a lot if not most of theb vitamins are sea soluble so that means you don’t store them for longer and longer so if you’renot taking them you can end up with a scarcity vitamin d unless you get sun or you’re consumingthe cod liver cod liver petroleum is a good source of vitamin d crowd five ocean salt you needbetween one to one and a half teaspoons per period so you’re gonna have to either figure outhow to keep it on your meal your one meals per day or even mix it with a little waterslug it down and then drink some ocean very important because you’re gonna need that toprevent lethargy and inaction and even keto influenza so you’re gonna do one meal a day and everytwo weeks you’re gonna do a 48 -hour fast this is called regular lengthy fasting it’s gonnagive your form a huge jump start now exercise okay twice a week the activity should be intenseit should be full organization ideally to the point where you’re sweating and you’re working multiple musclegroups and that’s your high-flown severity complex resistant category utilization twice a week spread itout on the off days you’re going to be doing long moves at least 45 hours to keep the stressdown ideally exercise during your fasting stage maybe like in the morning if you’re going toeat at night it’s not an absolute demand but if you can exercise in a fasting stateyou can really spike that swelling hormone okay sleep this right here is another one ofthose really important things you want to go to bed a little bit earlier i personally go tobed at nine o’clock okay i get up really early but i like to go to bed at nine um it seems towork rarely i might even take a little power nap if you’re not sleeping well youshould take some type of sleep aid to assist yourself i’m talking a natural type of sleepaid no watching the news you’re going to feel better merely from that in fact that is likely to become youlose weight really by avoiding that cortisol spike keep your stress as low-pitched as possible pick yourfriends wisely get some new friends don’t has been dragging on with anyone that is too negative sunlight wouldbe very very good if there is sun out that’ll be more vitamin d and also there’s other benefitsof being out in the sunbathe as well as being out in mood particularly extremely therapeutic all right thereyou have it this is the keto and steroids so some people need to work up to this some people couldjust climb right in it actually depends on where you’re at and how caused you are but this willdefinitely make your results to a whole new level hey before you go real quick i havea course entitled how to bulletproof your immune plan it’s a free coursei want you to take it and here’s why here’s you here is your environment everyoneis focused on this over here avoiding your environment but what about here what aboutstrengthening your immune organisation that’s what’s missing this course will show you how tobulletproof yourself and so you can tolerate and stand your environment much better bystrengthening your 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