Keto nutritionist on how to lose weight successfully ‘Drop half a dress size in 7 days’

“In ketosis, your liver will convert fat into ketones which then provide your body – especially your brain – with an energy source. 

“To get into ketosis, we need to eat no more than 50g of net carbs a day. 

“For fat loss, aim for 20g. If you think a piece of bread is 25g carbs, that gives you an idea of the shift you’re making.”

Many people lose a lot of weight within the first week of following a keto food plan, but there are suggestions most of that weight is water – not fat.  

Suzie revealed: “For someone new to a low carb diet, the first seven to 10 pounds will be mostly water and around 2lbs fat. 

“The combination means you can drop half a dress size in that first week which feels noticeable.” 

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