Keto Nutrition and Long-distance running, featuring @antigravitygains!

Today I’m gonna be talking about runninglong distances and how to study for flowing great distances, with a veryspecial client, starting now. Hey people, welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron.This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet. I do some keto foodvlogs, I do some keto recipes, and I talk long-distance extending. If this is yourfirst time here, satisfy consider agreeing, and if you do, be sure toclick the bell icon so you get a notification whenever I upload newcontent. So guys, today I wanted to talk about training for long runs. Now, I’vebeen a runner for a while. I’ve run great distances before. I did a marathonback in 2012. I was on the Standard American Diet at the time, and had areally, really bad time with it. Felt just awful. But I have signed up for a hasten inOctober.It is the same marathon that I passed back in 2012. It’s the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon, here in the Albany, New York area. But I’m gonnado it this time fat-adapted, and I’m very excited. So I wanted to get theperspective of someone who has done long, long runs, and ultras. There’s abuddy of mine on Instagram and YouTube. His name is Dave Basile, also known asthe Phat Phuelled Phenom, also known as @ AntiGravityGains. You can check out hisYouTube channel, right up there.Super- frightening dude. I first discovered him on Keto for Normies. He was on one of the first few episodesthere, and we connected on Instagram, and hit it off. He’s actually a really supercool guy, and we share a adoration of the band Ween, so major points to AGG. But I asked him if he would come on the canal and talk a little about his experiences –how he prepares for operates, how he did prepare for moves when he was on theStandard American Diet, and how that are different to how he’s preparation of hisUltra , now that he’s fat-adapted. Nutrition is a really puzzled thing whenyou’re fat-adapted, and operating — I go out on the weekends, and I can rip off of 13 miler, a half marathon, without any gasoline. I can go out fasted, lead 13.1 miles, and be fine. But beyond that, I haven’t really knowledge any longer operates than that.Iwill be ramping up my my distance as I drill for this marathon, but I’m curiousas to what Dave has to say about nutrition, and how he goes about fuelinghimself for those working longer distances. So I asked him if he would come on thechannel. He said , “Sure dude! ” So here is. Here’s AGG![ AGG] Buenos…Tardes…A.D. Keto. Hola, my good keto friends. What’s up everybody? It’s Dave here, AKA P3 – the Phat Phuelled Phenom! Reporting to you with Aaron at A.D. Keto. Man, Aaron, I got to tell you, I’m so happy.When you invited me to be on your YouTube channel for this episode, andthis topic, how to prepare for a long-distance race, moving hasten, you are familiar with, before keto and after keto, you just like opened this entrance. Those two things gotogether so well, in my own experience, at least, regardless, andmany ultra athletes out there that use a very low-carb type of meal plan.They’re aperfect competitor. You know, a low-carb way of snacking, and living, and enduranceathletics. I precisely … they’re meant to be, in my view. So here’s some of themisconceptions. Here’s some of the things, my experience before using the ketogenicdiet as a road runner. You know, peculiarly because I was into mainlyroad-type hastens. I got into … I’ve been kind of, you know — active my whole living, onand off. Although a lot of my 20 s and 30 s were very slack in that regard, but youknow, unquestionably since its first year 2007, I’ve been really consistent with running.Longdistance go. I time adore it. I really rediscovered my fondnes for endurance…you know, leading, and it’s just been that action ever since. Now I didn’t get into theketogenic food until like, July of 2016. So it’s been nearly two years for me, but…So there’s a lot of things I suffered before the ketogenic nutrition, as far asrunning, and some of the things, you know, I’ll go over. Like one: there’s these carb-ups. You know, even in the sugar-burning, carb- centric community, they still havesomething called carb-ups. You may or may not know. A heap of athletes tell you, “Man, make sure you get a bunch of pasta in, you know, the working day before the race, ortwo days…For two days in a row, before the race.” So there’s that.A lot of them will tell you, “Make sure you eat breakfast before the hasten. Man, you got towake up, GOTTA eat breakfast.” Okay. And then the other thing that’s commonis, “Make sure you have these GU containers. Make sure you … you know, stop at the aidstations, and you gratify, and you ate … you are familiar with, whatever they got there. Whateverworks best for you — bananas, GU packets, M& Ms, whatever! ” Those are some of the main things, and how they prepare before the scoot. Now for myself, I’ll tell you, youknow, personally, I followed some of those things, but I felt like I did it becauseI was compelled. Because the consensus was such that I was supposed to do that, you are familiar with? But I discovered intermittent fasting, back in … I want to say around2 011, and I was kind of doing self- auditing and that…For that position ofthings, and I detected, you know, I only don’t like eating all the time before myworkouts, even with weight training I didn’t like it. And it’s … I really didn’tfind it necessary, but you are familiar with, fifty percent of the time, I probably take in abanana, or half banana, and a half a granola table, time because I felt like Ibetter hedge my wagers, now. Because the community says this is what I should do, so … I imply, I was rebellious sufficient to not do it all the time, but just reallyconfused and conflicted about it, so there was that. And I will say, I wasn’tone of these parties that had to stop at every port-a-potty, but I did…it was agamble.There were times I had some really bad know-hows with my bowel, outon my longer prepare lopes, or even during a race. But I’ve known parties that…I planned, it’s like chronic. It is a gastrointestinal freakin’ nightmare outthere for them, and it’s not a good thing. I want, there’s a lot of runners thatfight this thing that are carb burners, and if they just get off the carb-centricdiet, they probably … they … they’d passion the ketogenic diet, precisely from that characteristic, regardless of running, okay? But you know, so that’s gone for me, and I will talk alittle bit about after.Now how do I prepare for…you know, something like a5 0k, or a marathon, right? Part of the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle isthat you have a lot more energy stability, and with it leads mentalclarity. You don’t have afternoon crashes. Your focus can be a lot better, andthings like that. I’ve found that is the same thing for me during the middle of along four-hour training guide, or a long six-and-a-half hour race. I’m able to reallyhone in, stay focused.”What’s my operation, here? ” and must focus. So you are familiar with, after get into the ketogenic type of eating plan, you are familiar with, carb-ups are justnot needed. They’re just not gonna help you. I want, they’re not needed at ALL, in myopinion. I’m not saying that … you know, you shouldn’t do them, because I actuallyhave experimented with them, and found them handy. But I don’t think they’reneeded. You can maintain a low-intensity, continuous nation … you know, heart rate, andthat Maffetone Zone, where it’s like, 180 outdoes per instant, minus your senility. And thatwould presumably save me in that aerobic heart rate zone, to where I’m not like, dying to get to glucose. You know, to use this intensity. I’m able to use … you are familiar with, fatstores somewhat effectively, and I found that to obviously be the case on theketogenic diet.So you don’t have to use carb-ups at all the day before the race, or even at all. Second, you know, expending a fasted start, just like I said, it workedfor me, even before the ketogenic diet. And it definitely works for me … you are familiar with, after being into this ketogenic nutrition you are familiar with, I I go out and work fasted, workoutfasted all the time, I go out, I lift heaviness fasted at all time, I go out andrun…you know, four-hour flows fasted, even without any calories, you are familiar with, withoutany food during that four-hour training feed. I’ve done many two, three, fourhours, even on up to five hours, learn without taking in any calories, otherthan some incidental calories from the electrolytes, from my Nuun tablets. No menu on countless long-distance training ranges and hastens, you know? Electrolytes are very, very important on the ketogenic diet. You probably know this already, whetheryou’re practice or not, even more so in my experience, I’ve discovered thatelectrolytes is a game … it’s a game in and of itself.You want to really payattention to your person. I most recommend you get into salt sticks.They’re like salt pill tablets, or salt tablets. I take’ em with me in my my vest, you are familiar with, when I go on long-distance, very long runs. If I’m going something formore than like … you know, like four hours, I’m going to take those and myelectrolyte tablets, and keep on top of that. But I will say, as far as preparingfor like … a scoot, one thing I do, or even preparing for like, a four-hour trainingrun, what I’ve been doing here in the last few months is a couple daylights before, I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to take a little bit more electrolytes than I naturally doanyway.” You know, with all the foods I eat on the ketogenic diet, I get a lot ofsalt regardles, but I’ll take some of those Nuun tablets, you know, at least once ortwice a daytime, starting a duet daylights before my very long training stream, or mymy scoot that I’m doing, I find that that really cures a lot.It’s kind of like ,’ prevention is the best medicine’-type of mindset, you are familiar with? And again, I don’thave any real discipline to back that up. I time have my n= 1 ordeal toshare with you, and I find that helpful. You can over-hydrate, very, though, youknow, whether you’re a carb burner or a fat burner. I mean you can over-hydrate, so you just want to kind of drink to thirst, mostly, during your runs. Butelectrolytes on the ketogenic food, we don’t retain all that water and alongwith it, salt, like you would on a carb- centric-type diet, so I envisage as far asthe ketogenic lifestyle disappears, you unquestionably want to be on yourelectrolytes game.After is in accordance with the ketogenic nutrition, you are familiar with, I’ve noticedwith my circulate, the energy stability and reliability is just it is awesome. It isgreat. I cannot preach fairly about how much Ilove it, how predictable things are compared to how they were before theketogenic diet, and that’s the other thing I want to say is: If you’re brandnew to the ketogenic nutrition, and you’re active, delight taken due note, and as a takeaway, knowthat your workout intensity and sum of go that you’re able to workout andthings like that — it’s probably going to take a hit, at least a few notches.I’mnot saying you should not work out at all — that’s up to you, but simply satisfy, becognizant that you’re not going to be bringing your -Agame for probably thefirst week or two, or even three. At least I noticed, particularly with the weighttraining for me, I was also noted that with extending, extremely, but for the first couple ofweeks, but not as much as the force training intensity. So know that withenergy stability vanishing, you are familiar with, some of your intensity rank going down in thebeginning is not … you know, a hallmark- type of characteristic of the ketogenicdiet, because it’s quite the opposite. Once you get through those initialstages of change, your intensity is going to be so freakin’ awesome.You’regoing to love it. And particularly for your … your … your scoot daylight, if, you know, if thestars line up right, you’ve prepared, you’ve got your nutrition competition croaking, you’ve stood keto, you’re fat-adapted countless months … you are familiar with, ahead of time, you know, you’re not out there trying to sprint this whole freakin’ hasten, you are familiar with, yourenergy stability is gonna be great, in my opinion. That’s probably what’s gonnahappen. Now that doesn’t mean there’s gonna be daytimes where thatdoesn’t happen.I’ve had a couple train ranges where, for whateverreason, maybe I’m … my electrolytes are off, or i think sleep is a huge thing. That’ssomething I’m really trying to hack this year, to try to correct and improve upon, because I picture sleep is probably more important than anything, frankly. Butthat’s another topic. But something like poor sleep for dates leading up to aheavy training operated, you are familiar with, a hasten, can really negatively affect your outcome onrace day. Keep experimenting with things you are familiar with, and hopefully that helps, but um … Iwill say subsequentlies, though, that you know you can … you know, ketosis isn’t something that you have to be in all the time. I thoughts the relevant recommendations with being fat-adapted isthat it’s to know … your figure knows how to use fatty has its primary vigour generator, but too, our people know how to use glucose. You know, unless we havemetabolic damage and other things we’re fighting medically, you are familiar with. I’m sayingaside from something like that, our organizations know how to use glucose, and theyknow how to use fats.After we get fat- adapted, we now know how to use fat. That’s the primary vigour generator. But it retains how to use glucose, so when you get into high gear, it’s gonna know how to use…you know, glucose. So if you miss, you can experiment with something like a targeted ketogenic nutrition. There is only ultrarunners out there that use a very low- carb, fat-adapted way of munching, but theyalso sneak in some carbs, you know, on those extremely, very long runs under … thesepeople are function 50 miles, and hundred miles, but you know, if you’re getting outthere for a exceedingly, longer and longer, multi-hour run, you might want to experiment. Hey I’mnot gonna have, you know…Fifty carbs today, 25 net carbs today, I suppose I’m gonnahave like 75 or 100, and see how that are harmful to me on my long improve moved, twodays down the road, you know? But I would not advocate you do some carb up withterrible carbs like donuts, or anything like that. You might try different carbsthat maybe you see you might be a little bit more tolerant of, you know? Something like unpolished rice, or sweetened potatoes, or something like that.And Iwould not go real heavy on it the darknes before. I would do it 2 day before, andthen time kind of take it easy, and travel moderate, or little carb again, very lowcarb the day before, because your … your vitality collects will be, and your … your…you’ll have the glycogen two days before, and it’s not like it’s all going toempty out, you are familiar with, in 24 hours, you are familiar with? Just kind of maintain, you are familiar with, what … 30 carbs again, you know, the working day before. And then you still have this from two daysbefore, and then on your long improve flowed daylight, you can see how that…you know, working for you, and don’t be afraid to made it in high gear, and you know, blastthose downhills and get your heart rate up, and see if…see what that does for you.You know, I also think says you know, do your own experimentation with that, and I havefound that I’ve been able to do that kind of thing, and get back into ketosis, you are familiar with, set up parameters to where, hey Dave, you know, you’re gonna do this, butthen right after that training operate, or that hasten, you’re going to get back intostrict keto and you’re going to recover. And that’s the other thing I’ll sayabout this — I can’t..I know I’m all body language now, but one of the greatestbenefits about being a fat-adapted athlete is improvement. Recovery. I convey, I’vehad … I’ll tell you what, here’s an example. On my 50 k, about a month ago, it was muddy. It was sad. But I did huge, and I did target in some carbs. That’s a whole…another thing. You can check out my YouTube on that, but the amazing partabout it was it was one of the easiest convalescences. That doesn’t mean I wasn’tsore at all, but I was fine. I rolled the next day. I did a nice, long, one-hour session on my treadmill. I saved it very low-intensity, but it was activerecovery.I had a little bit of tightness in my muscles. I convey I guided for six and ahalf … six hours and 45 minutes, you know, for 31 miles in the clay, okay? But it wasone of the most wonderful improvements I’ve done on an ultra distance marathon, soexperiment around with things. Exactly is a well-known fact that if you get fat-adapted, the greatestbenefit, and the takeaway is that you’re probably a lot more metabolicallyflexible. Sure, lose the weight, that’s a bi-product of the ketogenic channel ofeating, but your force stability and your your cleanser constitute of energy to useas its primary energy beginning of fat, that it’s just so much better thanrecoveries.Just … it’s everything for me. I adore it, especially as you get older. So Ihope that helps. I wish you all the best luck in your goals, and likewise be forgivingto yourself if you slip up with your mode of munching. That’s okay. Merely hop back on. The same thing goes with your grooming calendar. We have busy lives. If you don’tget that 18 -mile run in on Saturday, and you simply do a 16 -mile run on the following Sunday instead, it’s okay. You’re going to beokay. Get the time in on your hoof. Do sometraining, get some altitude teaching on the treadmills and Stairmaster, especially if you got a particularly hilly scoot come through here, and be kind to yourself. Andwhatever you do , no matter what, somehow, someway, got to go and originate someanti-gravity incomes! Guys, check out Dave’s channel over here, it’s Anti-GravityGains. Check him out on Instagram. He’s awesome. We have a bomb over there, anddude — looking forward to continuing hanging out with you on Instagram andYouTube. You are emphatically an inspiration.So thanks again for comingon! And that’s gonna wrap it up for this video, guys. I genuinely hope you experienced it.I hope you have a fantastic period, and I’ll catch you next time! Antee-gravity additions or anti-gravity amplifications? Hmmm. Antes or anti? Not quite sure. I contemplate I’m an anti-gravity … antee? No. It came outAntee. I consider I’m an antee-gravity gains. Anti-gravity amplifications. Antee-gravitygains? Anti-gravity advantages. Should I keep talking about it ?.

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