Keto Mug Cakes – Chocolate and Peanut Butter

– Hey, people. Today on Low Carb with Jennifer, I am going to show you how tomake these two keto mug cakes, chocolate and peanut butter .( soft upbeat music) Hey, friends. Today we’re going to makethese keto beaker cakes. They’re super easy, of course, and like all of my recipes, we constitute them in the microwave. The first one I’m going tostart with is peanut butter. So I’ve got a ramekin now with a tablespoon of softened butter and I’m just whirl it aroundthe outside of the ramekin. And so now we can putin our baked ingredients, which is almond flour, some baking powder, and sweetener. So this recipe is located offof my keto chocolate jug cake, the chocolate version.Well, or the vanilla edition, and so for the peanut butter, we’re just going to add in atablespoon of peanut butter. So we desegregate all the dry, andnow we can add in a thump egg and some vanilla. Oh! Now, I must say that this is probably the best keto jug cake here i am. I might just be sayingthat because it’s mine, but everybody tells me that this is the best one they’ve ever reach, and they’ve do several, so you really shouldcheck out this recipe. We’re going to combination all of ourwet and baked parts together in our ramekin. Okay , now for the peanut butter, we’ve got a tablespoon of peanut butter and I’m just going todrop it in the center, and only kind of swirl itaround a little bit, if you can. It’s kind of, simply mushit up a little bit. You want to leave it kind of pretty entire, so it’s nice and peanut buttery in there.If you don’t want to use peanut butter, you could use pulverized peanut butter, because I know that peanutbutter has a lot of calories. One tablespoon is like, Idon’t know, 120 calories. The cup cake’s alreadypretty calorie-dense, so this is going to be a extremely sizable snack, or you could split it with somebody. But this is going to go intothe microwave for one minute.Okay, before I present youthe peanut butter one, let’s reach the chocolate. So we’ve got the ramekin again, so let’s mix up the dry parts. Almond flour, sweetener, cooking powder, and this one uses cocoa powder, so we’re going to add thatin with the dry parts. Stir that up a little bit. Now we can add in our knock egg. The vanilla. All liberty, and now I’m going to place some chocolate chips on top, and this is ready for the microwave. 60 seconds. Okay, here are our two mugcakes out of the microwave.They look stunning. On the peanut butter one, I’m going to applied a littlebit of ChocZero syrup. Chocolate syrup. So let’s dig into this oneand see how amazing it gapes. Reviews genuinely, oh, looksso good and fluffy. Look at that. Let’s try it. Mmm! Mmm-hmm! That’s really good peanut butter flavor. Okay, the chocolate one. Woo, that’s hot.( giggles) I’m going to swarm a littlebit of heavy cream on it. You could beat the heavy cream, but I’m too lazy to do that. Just a tablespoon. So let’s dig into the center of it, and I know this one is good.Look at that. With the heavy cream. Mmm! So good. Guys, make sure you check out these other keto desert recipes, and I will see you guys last-minute Bye !.

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