Keto Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Hey guys, thanks for hitting that playbutton. This video is for anyone who 1. has tried the ketogenic diet and decidedit wasn’t for them or 2. Someone who has been on the ketogenic food and isfinding that they’re not getting the same kind of results as maybe they gotin the beginning. So I’ve been on the ketogenic nutrition for almost two years andany different path that you may have gone down I’ve probably likewise gone downmyself and what I want to share with you today are some of the key dangers thata lot of us can knock against and maybe not even realize.So we’re going to talkabout how you can do the nutritional ketogenic diet while also havingdifferent food prejudices. So we’re going to talk about the three main onesand the first one is gluten intolerance. That’s what I have and so I feel like Ican really share with you a perspective on how to do keto and likewise manage agluten antipathy and there are a couple of issues that pop up that I wantto share with you because I think they’re very very interesting.So firstand foremost when you’re keto it almost naturally fits like a hand in aglove with being gluten free because for example anytime you’re making meat andyou take out the specks, you’re taking out the carbs, so it actually can helpyou when you’re going keto and then staying gluten free when you’re keto.Here’s the slippery segment. A fortune of occasions you can be what you think is gluten-freebut you’re getting cross-contamination. So something that actually happened tome that was a huge challenge.After about a year of doing keto I started to notfeel as well as I had at the beginning and I started to get bloated and Icouldn’t figure out what was going on and so I I invested some time, I did foodjournaling for about a few weeks and what had happened is over that time I started toincorporate more and more nuts into my diet. Soif it was almond milk or if I was making an almond flour keto food, which I loveso much, or if I was just feeing handfuls of nuts at different times in the day.What was happening was while the nuts that I was munching were the privilege types, they were treated, many of them, in a facility that likewise processed wheat so Iwas getting cross-contamination. It was a really big issue, so for any of you thatare looking to be gluten free and keto really be very very careful about any formof cross-contamination. Okay the second area that we’re going to talk about withfood fanaticism is dairy.How many of you can’t tolerate either the casein orthe lactose. So if it’s one of those two, their own children actually two of my four children, are casein dogmatic and they’re very very sensitive to it. So in our house forthe past six, seven years we focused on preventing them from ingesting any sortof casein and that’s a little bit hard at the start but when you do keto asa non dairy keto that’s when you want to incorporate lots of different meat forexample all of the savory almond milks, all of the macadamia, or you cantalk about pecans. There are a lot of coconut products like the coconutyogurts, a lot of the fermented coconut produces that are so potent and sogood on a non-dairy keto diet. I interviewed Dr. Toni Bark, she’s anamazing medical doctor, you should check her out, and I interviewed her for theReal Skinny on Fat and she is and has been for a long period of timeketo but a vegan keto.So there’s so many different types of shocking recipes ifyou look through my accumulation of recipes you’ll watch so many of them andmost of them are dairy-free. Nut reactions and keto. So many of youhave senses to nuts or the nuts are processed in a way where there’scontamination or molds and I have huge bulletin for you.This month I’ve take the opportunity to really do keto without incorporating anysort of nuts into my diet and I feel great.So for all of you that can’t have nuts you want to be able to focus on otheringredients like the dairy parts, like the fermented nutrients, like the darkgreen leafy vegetables, like high quality meat commodities. And there’s so many waysto get a super rich and incredibly luscious keto life withoutincorporating the nuts.My goal with this little video was to help many of youthat may have started keto or are in the middle of keto really embracenutritional ketosis in a meaningful style. So here’s the thing, over five millionpeople in our country are in closed Facebook communities around keto. It’ssuch a trend and for the right reasons, it’s room more than a trend. The discipline isreally patronage it and as we learn more and more about how our figure likesto work, which fuel is the preferred gasoline, maybe you’re somebody who can toleratecarbohydrates but for the 75% of us in this country that cannot, keto is alifesaver. It’s a way of gobbling that can truly transform the way you feel, howmuch intensity you have, the reduction in inflammation, the reduction in cravings.It’s changed my life and I just wanted you to be able to have some extra littletools to help you in case you have different food senses. So I’mgoing to give you a couple of little bonuses if you can grab one two or threeconcepts from this video that can help you on your personal journeying to a betterlife more promotion more well-being then I’ve totally done my job and I’m so happy.AndI ever always want to get your mentions. So here “theres going”. This is bonusnumber one. So this is an electrolyte complex. I like to add some electrolytesto my ocean throughout the day. Sometimes it’s just a pinch of sea salt orHimalayan salt, sometimes it’s actual electrolytes. But I find if I ever need alittle improve that I really need some more minerals. Oneof the hardest things to do when you’re getting into keto or when you’re makinga change in your life while you’re on keto, so for example if you’re starting tochange the way you rehearsal, is your need for electrolytes, your need for yoursodium, potassium, and magnesium can change fairly drastically. So always payattention to your electrolytes. Another thing to think about when you’re doingketo is the way that you manage stress so if you’re dealing with chronic stressit can literally sounds you out of keto. You want to make sure that when you’re doingketo you’re helping yourself to feel good to have a good sense of well-beingand if you find that you’re in a stressful statu, maybe you really needa little bit more time to rest, to revitalize, to relax.So give yourself theluxury of some deep regenerative sleep. I’ve got videos right on this canal onhow to get your best beauty sleep. So if you like this video I invite you tosubscribe. You can thump the notification button.I love getting your the remarks and I look forward to connecting next time ..

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