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( upbeat music) – Hey, Munches, welcome to the channel! If you’re brand-new, or if you’vebeen with me for a while, I’m Alyssia. All month long we arefocusing on meal prep, and today I have got aKeto meal plan for the week to give anyone looking forsome lower-carb alternatives some insight and ideas. Keto requires a lot of intention, and strategy as a must. Meal prep in some way iskey to sustainability, but it doesn’t have tobe as time intensive as you might think, and today I’m gonna showyou some ways to simplify.Today’s video was madepossible by Thrive Market! They have become myfavorite online marketplace is not simply because theirhealthy commodities are offered 25 to 50% below traditional retail prices, but too because they haveso many unique healthy meets! They actually are on a missionto make healthy living easy, and affordable for everyone. You’ll look some of myfavorite concoctions today, and I have an offer for you to get an extra 25% offof your first buy, and a free 30 -day trial.The link to get that cope isin the specific characteristics casket below. I’m sharing a Keto meal prep that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one person for four week dates. I think that part of whatmakes banquet prep sustainable is not overdoing it. So, if you form more food than you chew, you waste the menu, you waste money , not to mention you wastetime and energy prepping, and it’s frustrating.So instead, if I see one week day where I can, you know, get lunch or dinner out, I feel more encouraged tostick with what I’ve prepped for the week. For breakfast, I barelyhave to prep at all for this Mocha-Nut Smoothie.( upbeat music) It starts with coconut milk. Thrive Market’s is greatquality and ethically sourced, and literally half theprice of my food market. For the shake, I like to freeze the coconutmilk in an ice cube tray, and use that instead of regular ice cubes. This adds creaminessrather than icy wateriness. The shake too exploits Gardenof Life Keto Meal Shake in chocolate spice, whichI got on Thrive Market, and they actually offerit at a lower premium than the Garden of Life website.This shake is not a protein shake, although women does include protein. It’s really designed fora high-fat, low-carb diet containing 70% fat, 23% protein, and only 7% carbohydrates. It is perfect for busy mornings when I don’t have time to cook, and I wanna make sure that I’m getting a solid obesity to carb rate to keep me in ketosis, or to only be carb conscious in general.So, the chocolatecontributes to the mocha, but of course, that alsomeans we need coffee. Thrive Market’s coffeebeans are so economical, they’re organic and ethically sourced. The French Roast blendI like is from Peru. It’s great red-hot, but I what I like to do is save the leftover frommy brewed pan during the day and use it in a freezing shake. Okay, so to procreate the shake, I simply blend thosecoconut milk ice cubes, cold coffee, a dollop ofthe chocolate Keto Meal, and a little of cashew butter.I too have to take a second to brag about Thrive Market’s cashew butter. So, their cashew butterhas been my favorite, in terms of taste, for a very long time, and it is lower in price, which is nice because cashew butter is likely to be expensive. But, they recently startedselling it in these purses. Oh my gosh, clever! Why doesn’t everyone do this? When nut butter is clean, and without hydrogenatedoils and filler ingredients, it tends to separate, and mingling it up in thejar can be a headache , not to mention an weapon workout.But, container it in thesepouches obligates it as easy as it looks to rub and integrate rather than stirringand stimulate endlessly. Genius, gravely. The shake only needsthose four parts, but it is so satisfying! The mocha spice is obvious. Coffee and chocolate both can’t be missed, and the coconut milk and cashew butter promotion make it rich and satisfying. I get my coffee and my fat in, but as a satisfactory and savory shake rather than hot coffee. It’s a nice reform. So, breakfast is easy to whip the day of with minimum preparation atthe beginning of the week. If you’re strictly a sizzling coffee person, or if you want a red-hot coffee and the shake, Thrive Market also offers options like this Keto Coffee Creamer which is coconut milk-powder located, and easy to mix in withMCT oil already in the mingle. Likewise, if you do wanna learnmore about Keto and ketosis, I have a couple of videos thatI’ll associate in the description that do some clarifying. Next, lunch! It is about as easy as canbe, extremely, a Kale Cobb Salad. Now, I was never a salad person, but a few months ago I went on a retreat where I devour salad every day for 10 eras, and I realized that if you do it right, a salad are truly be super tasty.I am starting with kale. Feel free to buy largerbunches and save a horse. It is easy to chop off thestem and cut into bits, but I bought mine moistened and ready to simplify my snack prep. Kale will previous you a week for sure, longer than many other commons, so it is great for prepping in advance. Prep your other ingredients. I use rotisserie chicken, which I gathered off thechicken previously cooked. “Thats one” of my favorite ways to use protein for meal prepbecause it’s already cooked, and cooking protein is often the most time consuming duty. I likewise cooked up some chopped bacon which makes only a couple of minutes, as well as hard-boiled eggs.( upbeat music) Cherry tomatoes. Now, if you can find smallerones, don’t cut them in half. This is gonna help thesalad last-place the week. Too some blue cheese, and lettuce onion.( upbeat music) That all gets desegregated togetherwith a bit of salt and pepper. I also have avocados on hand, but I don’t add them until the day that I’m going to eat the salad.For a gown, most people prefer either a ranch or avinegarette for Cobb salad. I am forming the best of both by exploiting Tessemae’s Ranch Vinaigrette. This is one thing I loveabout Thrive Market. They have so many dressingsand sauces and marinades that are health. It’s hard to find healthydressings and sauces usually, and sure, homemade is great, but it takes more work tofind or develop recipes, and often the store-boughtones just taste better. This particular dressing is Keto, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, Whole3 0 approved. Yes, it actually has noadded sugar, and it’s Vegan. And, Thrive Market realizes that super clear on its commodity sheet, which I likewise love. It’s a delectable dressing. It’s lemony, citrusy, and herby. It has ranch salts and herb spice without the dairy or creaminess.I store the kale in separate lockers from the rest of the salad ingredients, and individually backpack the clothe so I can add it at the time of ingesting so all of my componentsstay as fresh as possible while also being prepped in advance. That’s it! A classic Cobb, but with kale. The beautiful thing about a Cobb salad is that it’s already highest in solid and lowest in carbs typicallyif the clothe is right, so you don’t really needto build countless jeopardizes with the traditionalCobb to enjoy it on Keto. You still get the crunchy textures, the richness from the avocado, the saltiness from the bacon, the sweetness from the tomato, and the gnaw of the blue cheese.It’s definitely a triumph! The last meal of the day, dinner. This month I ought to have sharing ways to keep dinner versatile with my 3-2-1 Meal Prep dinner system. Pretty much, you startwith three ingredients to provoke you, a protein, a vegetable, and a carb for a well-balanced meal, and then you use those threeingredients two different ways so that we are able to have somevariety in you dinners, and you don’t have to eatthe same thing daily. The entire prep for dinnershould make less than one hour, and today it takes action less. Our three ingredients today are chicken thighs for our protein, broccoli for our veggie, and since this is a Keto meal prep, our carb is really a carbsubstitute, shiritaki noodles.Shiritaki noodles aregluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and vegan made from the konjac yam. These are only 10 calories per serving, and they can be appropriate for Keto, but also for anyone who may be looking for a pasta substitute. Thrive Market has their ownbrand of shirataki pates in different pasta shape ranges like angel hair and fettuccine, and then there literally half the price of everywhere else I’ve seen. They’re actually readyto eat out of the purse, but I’m going to show you howto obligate them taste the most wonderful in two different meals, a Thai Curry Chicken and Noodles, and a Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. I recommend collecting the sauceand other components together, but not adding the noodlesuntil the day of eating in order to keep them freshand prevent from going gummy.But, you can prep thenoodles on meal-prep day, and store them on their own so that you cut down ona step during the week. My elevated way to prep these noodles is to drain and cleanse themthoroughly in cold water. Warning! Shiritake pates, inany form and any firebrand, are stinky out of the pack, but bathing them comes rid of that. For the fettuccine, I decidedto try the regular species, but likewise the spinach, why not? After draining, computed a bitof cooking fat of preference to a saucepan. I utilized this Duck Fat whichI went from Thrive Market. What a cool part. It is so rich and flavorful. I adoration meeting these itemsto experiment and experimentation with, but you can use any petroleum orfat “youd prefer”, of course.Add the noodles, and cookfor about five minutes tossing with some tongs. Now, the goal is to get asmuch of the fluid vaporized from the noodles as possible so that they’re not creepy at all. Store the noodles until you’re ready to enjoy during the week. I did the same with theangel hair shiratake noodles for the second dish to givea little bit more variety. Separately, I heat some ThriveMarket Ghee on the stave, followed by onion. Once tender, add chopped chicken thighs. Cook perfectly, tossing asneeded, and allowing to brown. Remove the chicken, and putting aside. You can add a bit more overweight if it is necessary to, and then cook your broccoli. I chopped the floretssmall for these recipes. Cook over a medium heat, andsteam with the lid comprised. Then segment the broccoli into two pans, and part the cookedchicken evenly into each. Now, we can add the sauces. To keep it simple, I tookadvantage, once again, of all of Thrive Market’s sauce options.I compassion how you can searchby dietary penchants and health qualities. So, Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, Keto, and more. You can actually patronize over 80 aspects. They have so many low-carband clean selections, it’s like I can experimentwith something new every time. With this succession, I started for Yai’s ThaiYellow Thai Coconut Curry. Simple ingredients, it’s actually Whole3 0, Keto, glute-free, Paleo, and vegan. For the second dish, I tried a Primal Kitchen’snon-dairy Garlic Alfredo Sauce. Very clean as well. The locate is actually cashew butter. It’s hard to do Alfredo without dairy, but this is pretty good. I like the garlic, it was a bit lemony, and I missed more of a cheesy spice, so I reduced it out with bone broth, a clean option from ThriveMarket, one of their numerous broths, and then I likewise supplemented somenutritional yeast, yum! If you needed this recipecompletely plant-based, you could use any broth, it doesn’t have to bebone broth, of course.I made each combine of broccoliand chicken on the stave, and computed the sauce. The coconut Thai curry to one, and the dairy-free Alfredo to the other. I accumulated those for the weekseparate from my pates, and my dinner prep is done in no time! When I crave dinner, I simply heat up the noodles and the sauce over the stove or in the microwave, season it with salt ifneeded, and it’s ready to go.It is so cool howdifferent these dinners are even though they used thesame main ingredients. And it’s all so simplethanks to the sauces. The coconut Thai curry isflavorful without spicy. Frankly, I could throwthis sauce on anything for a speedy week-nightdinner, and be happy with it. It’s totally a prevail. The Alfredo was satisfying and comforting. The fettuccine shapednoodles were a neat addition to complete the dish, and it’s crazy that thesecontain zero grams of net carbs. Nuts! And, that is my meal prep. Pretty much anytime I orderfrom Thrive Market now, I too get the raw macadamianuts, I’m haunted! They’re more affordablethan from my food market, and they actually taste so much better. They’re my favorite low-carb snack because they maintenance me fulfilled, as do all of these easy banquets. It’s negligible prepping over all, but it actually defines me up for the week, and furnishes range and sustainability too. I hope you can find somenew ideas and inspiration for your own journey. My link in the description will give you an additional 25% off your Thrive Market order.So, that’s 25% off on topof the previously low prices, plus a 30 -day free tribulation, and Thrive Market offerings free ship on all dictates over $49. I hope that you’ll take a minute to browse because it is so fun. If you’re already a Thrive Market representative, remember that they offer a daily distribute, so that’s rejects andgifts every day that can be found on theThrive Market homepage when you’re ratified in. Super cool. I will attach some of mylow-carb and Keto videos in the description if you’relooking for more revelation. I’ll be getting back all month longwith more meal prep opinions, so I’ll see you next week, and remember, it’s all a question of Mind Over Munch .( upbeat music ).

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