Keto in Spain, any why to be careful…

So yes… Spain in literally keto heaven, especially if you like frutti di mare like I do. Imagine those fresh fish, gambas, langustines, squids and octopus legs (my favourite) together with organic vegetables sprinkled with virgin olive oil and of course a glass or two of amazing , chilled white roja … No just keto, this Mediterranean version of keto is supposed to be a healthiest way of eating.

So why oh why did I come back one and a half kilo heavier than????? The answer is very simple:Keto or not keto, YOU WILL PUT WEIGHT ON IF YOU CONSUME MORE CALORIES THAN YOU BURN!!!!

Even on ketogenic diet, you have to keep track of your calories intake if you want to loose weight. Your body fat will only be utilised as a source of energy if you don’t supply dietary fat. And there is a lot of fat in Spanish sausages and Spanish cheeses 😂😂😂 And I love them with a passion and was eating A LOT of it.

But am I bothered? Do I look bothered? Not one bit. I had a fabulous time , I’ve learned a lesson and I’m back in Spain in two weeks to do it properly this time. Adios 😘

Keto Breads

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