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Originally, Awake Chocolates gained popularity with its caffeinated chocolates that deliver half a cup of coffee in just one small bite. The innovation definitely presented a more convenient and efficient way to unlock one’s energy in the mornings, afternoons, or whenever needed. Today, the brand is influenced by the emphasis on wellness in the food and beverage space, releasing a “no sugar added” variety of its caffeinated chocolates. With only 60 calories per bite, the new recipe is KETO diet certified. In fact, Awake calls it “ETO with a KICK!”

The brand offers its caffeinated chocolates in three delicious flavors, ultimately sweetening the deal. The KETO-friendly caffeinated chocolates are available in a Dark Chocolate variety, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, and Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.

Image Credit: Awake Chocolates

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