in today’s video we’re going to talkabout the most difficult five meat you can eat on the keto diet while these meat mighttechnically fit the criteria used for being keto friendlythey can actually work against you and overturn your progress the keto dietis a low-carb diet where your body develops ketones for energythis lane of gobbling has become so favourite for its abilityto accelerate weight loss reduce inflammationand lower blood sugar but the menus we are going to talk about todayhave the opposite effect if “youre on” a keto dietand are not examine the results you hoped forone of these nutrients might be the reason why so remain sung to find outwhat keto friendly foods are actually notketo friendly hey guys welcome back to my canal ifyou’re brand-new here my epithet is kait i’m a health coach and i affix videos on a highfat nutrient dense way of ingesting if you like this video please give it athumbs up feel free to share and make sure to subscribe and make sure tofollow me on instagram gab and facebook where i shoot brand-new postsevery single day before i begin i want to thank squarespace for sponsoringtoday’s video for everything from websites and onlinestores to sell tools and analytics squarespace is the all-in-one platformto build a beautiful website and lope your businesshead to forward slash state coach-and-four kate to start your freetrial today today we’re going through some commonfoods that you might be devouring on a keto dietthat are actually not as health as you would thinksome of these nutrients will kick you out of ketosis despite being very low in netcarbs other menus we’re going to talk abouttoday will increase your rednes and while i do not think you need tostress over ketones or being in ketosis all the time having stable blood sugaris important especially if you are insulin resistantnumber one keto forbids anytime big companies come upwith a product that is specifically aimed at ketothere’s reason to be skeptical but even companies that are keto focusshould be questioned my prime issue with barrooms like this is they containso many ingredients some of which are capable of spike your blood sugar and kick you outof ketosis and take away from a lot of the benefitsof the keto diet the two main ones you want to watch out for andavoid are maltesel and imo let’s talk aboutmaltitol first because it is a sweetener hidden ina lot of keto rails many of the products in the atkins rangedo contain maltitol maltitol is a sugar alcohol that has been artificiallyprocessed from starches like corn so while it will increase the totalcarbs in a product it is thought that because carbohydrate alcoholcannot be digested amply it cancels out when you calculate netcarbs leaving you with a produce that looks keto friendly but here’s the thingmaltitol actually tallies pretty high on theglycemic index the glycemic indicator is a measure of the blood sugar responseto meat pure glucose has a score of 100 tablesugar has a score of 58 and maltitol has a score of 52. Theblood sugar response to meltital is almost the same as the blood sugarresponse to table sugar that means that a lot of thenegative effects that you were trying to avoid by noteating carbohydrate you’ll still be getting with meltatal ontop of that maltitol can cause digestive distressincluding gas bloating and diarrhea maltitolcannot been sufficiently accepted by the body and it starts to ferment in our bowel iactually perceived an internet site with hundreds of horror tales aboutmaltitol it’s pretty alarming and enough to scareanyone off of it and then imo fiber imo stands forisomalto oligosaccharides and is also sweeten productsit is made up of a mixture of short series carbohydrates that are foundnaturally in some meat but can also be manufactured and addedto processed foods it will be written on nutrition labelsas one of the following fiber in brackets imo imo fiberin brackets gunpowder or syrup prebiotic fibervita fiber inulin or chicory spring now because imo is classified as fiberonce again it gets subtracted from total carbsbut like maltitol imo actually induces quite a significantrise in your blood sugar and your insulin a 2017 study in the magazine ofinsulin defiance showed that imo intake led to arise of practically 50 milligrams per deciliter in blood glucosewith a five-fold rise in insulin at 30 minutesso if you examine a keto product that has a crazy high extent of fiberit’s probably imo so once again this can cause a rise in your blood sugara rise in your insulin and a drop in your ketonesand just like maltitol imo can also causedigestive distress now this isn’t to say that all keto barsare unhealthy but it’s pretty alarming how many of themdo include these parts less is more when it comes to packaged productsthe less ingredients and the more of them you can pronouncethe better and really i am a big promoter ofnot snacking and ingesting all of your calories that you needat your banquet times but i am aware products like this can be helpful for someespecially if you’re on the go so if you have to have a keto bar or you have tohave a product like this perfect keto is the best brand i havefound that has good ingredients and won’t spike your blood sugar numbertwo vegetable oil vegetable oils likewise referred to in question 11 as seedoils include the following canola oil soybean oil sunflower oilcorn oil grapeseed oil cottonseed petroleum andsafflower oil now of course oils are isolated fatwhich you would assume would be good for the keto diet which ishigh in fatty but here’s the thing the type of fat inthese lubricants is very damaging to our healthand can cause inflammation dna shattering and increase our cancer riskso if you’re having signs of rash on a keto dietsore joints perhaps rashes even fatigue pare vegetable oils out of your dietmight be the missing lighting but why are these oils so bad to get theoil out of these seeds they have to go under extreme heat and processingand this processing means that they are almost always rancid by the time you buythem off the rack the reason they savour and smelling likenothing is to hide this information and it is important to note that thesmoke point of an oil is not the same as the point that itstarts to oxidize on top of that processing vegetable oilsis how trans fatten is organized computing trans fatsto nutrients has been banned by the fda since 2018 but even if the trans fat is scheduled as zeroon the label they are legally allowed to say it is zeroas long as it is under 0.5 two studies that analyze vegetable oils found that0. 4 to 4.2 percentage of the full amounts of the fat contentwas trans fat which is a lot of trans fati do have another video that get more into the dangers of vegetable oilwhich i will attach above but really you want to avoid these oilsas much as possible don’t cook with them and don’t buyproducts that contain them some better options for cooking includebutter ghee tallow lard duck fat coconut oil olive oil and avocado oilnumber three is salad dressings there are two reasons why you want to avoidsalad dressings on a keto diet number one a lot of commercial brandshave a lot of supplemented sugar and number two they usually contain a lot of vegetableoil as well even if you is not cook with the oilspreviously mentioned these oils can find their way into yourdiet through things such as salad dressingand in huge sums no less for this reason your salad dressingmight be the cause of your inflammation and taking awayfrom a lot of the benefits of keto now once again this does not mean thatall salad dressings are bad most commercial brandsyes but there are symbols out there that are sugar freeand vegetable oil free such as primal kitchenwhich are very keto friendly figure four keto breadi know that when you first switch to a keto diet it can be really fun to try tofigure out keto recipes for all your favorite foodsand eat is a very large one because the standard american diet isbased around bread and grains sandwiches toast pizza burgerswe feel this need to replace bread with something when we switch to a keto dietand that is where keto bread comes in there are lots of recipes to makeketo food online yourself and there are also symbols that is currently selling itthe problem i have with keto bread is that it is usually made out of mainlyalmond flour or almond snack now almonds themselves in small amountsare okay and suitable for keto but the problem isthat they are extremely high in omega-6 too muchomega-6 in your nutrition can lead to inflammationand eventually chronic disease ideally you want to consume omega-3 and omega-6imbalance at a one-to-one ratio or as close to itas you can get almonds they contain over 2 000 days the omega-6 that omega-3 formerly in a while of course keto bread isfine to have but if you two have it every dinner oreven every day you might want to consider reducing itnumber five is cheese now i know this one is goingto ruffle some stripes and i just want to say right away that iam not anti-cheese and i am not anti-dairybut i do think that some people do better without itthe first intellect being of course that not everyone tolerates ittolerance to dairy can vary with some people being lactose intolerantwhereas other parties simply ordeal some digestive distress when theyconsume it the other problem with it though is thatdairy is easy to over exhaust which can work against you if you haveweight loss aims and the last reason is that the caseinand cheese can cause it to be addictive and you might laugh at the thought ofbeing addicted to cheese but there is something to it be honestwith yourself if you decided to cut cheese out of your dietwould it be difficult some people can eat cheese in moderationand some cannot but if you’ve tried everything else andyour weight loss is stopped or you’re experiencing inflammationit’s worth slashing jerry out at least for a timenow before we wrap up today’s video i’m going to tell you a bit more abouttoday’s sponsor 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on my mostrecent upload you can click here and if you want to check out my keto andcarnivore nutrition coaching planneds you can click here thanks again people i’ll seeyou next time bye

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