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what’s up people today i’m going to bereviewing the keto fire by beyond yourself bracing here the lemon lime spice italso comes in an orange creamsicle flavor this is free from restricted element zeroartificial hues in sweden with stevia keto affectionate and there is two grams of l-carnitineso digging a little deeper into the ingredients we got 23 calories and 2.5 grams of solid in thisthe 2 grams of l-carnitine from l-carnitine tartrate 1.5 grams of cla conjugated lionic acidwe have 500 milligrams of beta hydroxybutyrate and 150 milligrams of caffeine which canbe the most effective ingredient in this also 150 milligrams of light-green coffee bean extractwhich does add a little of the caffeine in this that’s all you’re getting in this thereis 30 dishes for rough approximately around 30 compared to the keto ice which has 80 servingsin it there’s a little bit more in this though as it has caffeine which is going to be a greatfat burner keto fire is a ketogenic initiated overweight burning catalyst very similar to some of theother solid burners that are intended for keto folk like the keto cuts or the k force by savory sportsthis one smacks somewhat decent beyond yourself good companionship in terms of flavor i’m going to givethis a 8 out of 10. I don’t acquire it as good as the keto ice but it’s still reasonably decent in termsof effective ingredients a little better than the keto frost but it isn’t superb i’m going togive that a 7 out of 10. and overall i’m going to give the keto fire by beyond yourself a 7.5 out of1 0. what i like best is it has caffeine compared to the keto eye so it does offer a little bit offat burning support there but overall it doesn’t do a crazy sum of trash because of mcts in itum cla it’s it’s good but not absolutely gonna be a game changer for you so yeah that’s a ketofire thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed this video please hit that like and subscribebutton below and i’ll see you guys next time you

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