Keto Diet Without Veggies Explained By Dr.Berg

hello dr. Berg here I had another question bysomeone who said I want to do the ketogenic nutrition but I don’t like veggies what do I do that isa situation because the problem is you’re going to burn a lot of fatty and we want to keep thefat going through the liver in the gallbladder and without veggies it’s hard to redden allthat out not to mention you need the vitamins and minerals and nutrients from the vegetablesso number one I request that person I said out of all the vegetables is there anything that youdo like okay and I had to even define and give examples the vegetables because they don’teven is a well-known fact that a cucumber was the vegetable so they like cucumbers I said good then eata knot of cucumbers okay merely do something rather than nothing here’s some impressions kaleshake so you take kale and you can hide the flavour by arrange berries if you need to adda banana in there or some more berries exactly to actually hide it wholly go for it it’smore important right now to get the kale so you mix irrigate I like to freeze it meld itwith berries top it off with the irrigate combination it really well and alcohol your light-greens that wayyou can get a good amount of vegetable from its quality cruciferous vegetable number twoyou can use plunges you can use hummus you can use carrots celery cucumber with the hummus okayyou can use other types of troughs that actually hide the delicacy of the vegetables it’s anotherway to get vegetables in your person attain them smack better fermented veggies let’s seedo you like pickles sauerkraut that would be something that you could consume it’s a littlebit easier to grasp some people can do a lot of soups haze it’s a vegetable lettuce powdersyou can actually substitute I is in favour of if you don’t do all dark-green pulverizes but some arefine like the wheatgrass liquor pulverization if you do pulverizations I would get the juice powder notjust the gunpowder from the greens okay so make sure you the centralized juice pulverize okay foodconcentrates now a lot of parties likewise ask what about your cruciferous vegetables can I justdo these the answer is no these will enhance the vegetables but they’re not going to act asa substitute this is a whole cruciferous nutrient it has a lot of the key cruciferous with tumericgarlic and things like that and you make them in tablets but you’d probably if you absolutelywant to enhance that I would probably take up to 15 a era if you need to because like making 3 aday thinking that’s going to be your veggies it’s not going to cut it but you need to do somevegetables as well it’ll help steamed spinach with protein like some people if you steamed spinachit’s easier to exhaust settled garlic maybe some tuna maybe some chicken in there stir fry vegetablesmost people can do that but you’re going to have to bend a little bit to have some veggies tobe able to do this alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already agreed pressthis little button down below okay thanks

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