Keto diet with Diabetes – Diabetes Doctor Explains how!

Hello everyone, the big question is can I follow the keto diet when I have diabetes or prediabetes? Great question, right You may be wondering who I am I am Dr. Ahmed Argin founder and we have huge improve with numerous diabetics and I like to pass on my experience, especially regarding the questions that come to me every day in my diabetes clinic Now let’s talk about the keto diet Enjoy the keto diet Keto nutrient is very popular nowadays and everyone wants to keep going. Why are they doing it? Because when you cut off carbs absolutely, your figure goes into ketosis so what is ketosis? When your organization is deprived of carbs as a result, your figure starts burning fatties and this creates ketone torsoes that’s why it’s called ketosis so your person is in a fat burning country and then not only that in the beginning, when you chipped carbs your insulin stages throw greatly even if you’re injured With diabetes, you determine insulin unless you have type 1 diabetes, extremely sort 2 diabetics or prediabetics already have more insulin than the average person However, because their body or resistance were higher than a ordinary individual, an raised amount of insulin is not Well fairly and this actually helps to gain weight when “youve had” diabetes Now, when “youre on” a keto diet, your insulin grades stop Insulin is a hormone that actually attracts sea and as a result, when you are on a keto diet, your insulin water level goes down and as a result, Your water levels are descending so you may have noticed that you may end up going to the bathroom more often but what is the danger in that? Guys, you may be at risk of becoming dehydrated so if you’re on a keto diet make sure you stay hydrated that’s number one, number two discuss with medical doctors because you may be taking medication that can put you at risk when you’re on a keto diet So, if you’re young, You don’t have many problems. If you have prediabetes and don’t take medications it’s OK to go on a keto diet but is clear that when you quit the keto diet your weight will come back so you don’t want to go on a diet that will actually go underweight again unless you’re going to a nuptial and then you’re Ready to gain weight again but we want to make sure you’re on a food that you like, that you’re on a nutrition that you can stick to for the rest of your life so dietary converts should be perfect and permanent and not temporary so you can lose 20, 30 40 of value when you follow Keto diet but then, if you are going to gain it again, I say there is no benefit and I see it all the time and return some support all the time when on the keto diet they lose weight and then gain weight again now, if you use Insulin, and peculiarly meal time insulin, that’s an important part chaps so if you’re using insulin, let’s say you’re eating ten groups per banquet and all of a sudden you’re carving carbs What are you going to do with insulin? A very important issue you have to discuss with your doctor you may have to cut back on your insulin drastically because the task of insulin 80% is to take care of carbohydrates with proteins, fats, etc. You will have a big problem with low blood sugar so you have to make sure of that Contact us if you want to get condolence informed about keto and diabetes We can give you a free consultation, assist you with the food If you are not on the keto diet, we can help you with diets And remember that keto isn’t the only diet and it hasn’t been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. It increases the risk of death and lengthens life and reduces the number of remedies so we can talk about this diet more but again, if you are committed to following the keto diet keto diet Crown to be careful, specially if you are taking insulin, and in particular if you are taking medications that can release insulin such as glipizide, glyburide, glimepiride, you need to understand what is going on with your remedies before starting on any keto diet otherwise, as long as you stay hydrated you should be able to by now One last thing guys if you are on medication specially this can happen even to ordinary people when you are on a keto diet the electrolyte balance may be lost so when you lose a lot of spray and become dehydrated you have been able poor levels of Potassium and sodium, you may also be deficient in magnesium so if you’ve been going on a very strict keto diet for too long it’s not a bad plan, at least have your primary care doctor check your electrolytes and then assess your hydration status We’ ll see you in the next thread again I’m Dr.Ahmed Argin SugarMDs. com and have a great day.

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