Keto Diet Rash: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

With every other celebrity flaunting their low-carb and high-fat diet, it’s hard to not wonder if the keto diet is “THE” diet for you.

It sounds tempting. You can eat cheese, avocados, desserts and so on. But there’s also a lot you can’t eat. So everything about keto isn’t sparkly here.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. The keto diet has some unwelcoming side effects including keto rash.

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What Is Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet, as the name suggests, gives more emphasis on ketones obtained from fat.    

Ketones are produced by the liver and act as one of the sources of energy for your body. As this diet focuses on low carbohydrate consumption, the energy required by the body is fulfilled by the ketones present in the body. With ketones, your body can burn fats more efficiently and supply energy to the brain. 

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Seafood, meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and high-fat vegetables are some of the top food items eaten under the keto diet.

As the keto diet is restrictive, many health professionals believe that you cannot follow this diet for the long term. But why? The reason is clear! You can suffer from severe side effects such as the keto diet rash. So let’s read what keto diet rash is about! 

What is Keto Diet Rash?

Keto diet rash is also called Prurigo Pigmentosa. A rare skin disorder, keto rash is an inflammation-causing skin condition caused due to excess ketones in our body. It is categorized by a red, itchy rash on the skin. 

People who are on a strict keto diet tend to develop such a rash. However, it is said that women are twice as likely to suffer from this rash as compared to men. Studies have also found that people of Asian descent are more prone to developing keto diet rash.  

Keto rashes usually progress over time and can last for about two weeks. It usually occurs on the upper body.

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Though the rash seems irritating and uneasy, it is not termed as dangerous or fatal. Moreover, it is a preventable and curable skin problem. 

What causes Keto Diet Rash?

One of the main causes of a keto diet rash can be following a strict keto diet for a…

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