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Bodie Guerra it's because I live with my
grandma this is from the diabetes signs and symptoms video Bodie Guerra
what does diabetes have to do living your grandma hey guys you're probably
here because you want to know all about the keto diet is it safe is it good for
you does it help you lose weight a loads more well I'm gonna answer that
question a lot with many other questions in this week's responding to your
comments where we look at fun questions with a science-based questions and most
importantly we look at the evidence Aya Sawad I have a question is the keto diet
a bad diet thank you for the information in this video Aya Sawad thank you for
your comment this is from the how to lose weight video and I guess it's time
to talk keto so firstly the keto diet is short for ketogenic diet it's basically
a super low carbohydrate and high fat diet and to be quite honest with you over
the years more and more patients have been asking me about the keto diet
whether it's safe whether it's good for you do I recommend it does it help you
lose weight and loads more now despite the recent hype the keto diet actually
isn't that new because in medicine it's being used for almost 100 years to help
treat drug-resistant epilepsy in children now the aim of the keto diet is
to significantly reduce your carbohydrate intake so your body
switches from burning carbohydrates so using sugar for energy to burning fats
for energy most cells prefer to use blood sugar for energy which comes from
the carbohydrates but in the keto diet because of the absence of carbohydrate
intake and the high amount of dietary fat intake your liver then starts to
generate what's known as ketone bodies and this effectively puts your body into
a metabolic state of ketosis so because of this the keto diet is very high in
proteins and fats like meats eggs sausages processed meats cheese fish
nuts and the list goes on but the diet is very restricted and because of this
it's actually very hard to follow over the long run so in ketosis your body
becomes incredibly efficient at using those ketone bodies generated from the
breakdown of fat for fuel so in other words your body becomes really good at
burning fats and that was a very simplified version of how the keto diet
works but I really did try and simplify it because if we went through it in a
lot of details this video is gonna be over an hour long and by the way I will
leave loads more information about the keto diet how it
it's all in the description below so if you want more information please check
it out but now that we know a little more about the keto diet and how it
all works now let's move on to the question is it good for you is it bad
for you and most importantly what does the evidence say let's start with weight
loss does the keto diet help you lose weight well there was actually a really
good meta-analysis done in the British Journal of nutrition and it looked at 13
different studies where they followed patients either following a keto or
low-fat calorie controlled diet for at least a year now the keto diet did
perform statistically better with an average weight loss between the two have
less than a kilogram now for anyone who doesn't do kilograms that's about half a
pound now there's two very interesting things
to discuss about these results firstly these results weren't found to be
clinically relevant to health and secondly after two years these
differences well this small difference in weight loss actually vanished
completely so what does that mean well it means that following such a
restrictive diet such as the keto diet which is very hard to follow isn't
actually worth it for weight loss now if you are thinking about trying to lose
weight or trying to lose belly fat I have made quite a few videos on this
topic it doesn't involve the keto diet it's actually a diet from a study done
in Oxford and if you follow it properly you can expect to lose not 0.5 to 1
kilograms every single week which is great but here's the best part after 6
weeks those individuals in the study also reduce their visceral fat now if
you don't know what visceral fat is visceral fat is the dangerous fat so
these individuals had a reduction in their visceral fat of about 14 percent
they also reduced their blood pressure they also reduced their cholesterol and
they had a five centimeter reduction in their waistline and this is all through
a diet control without any additional exercise so if you haven't seen that
video I will leave a link to it up here and in the description below so feel
free to check it out now the keto diet can also have many side effects
associated with it and long term it can cause many nutritional deficiencies
because remember the diet is so restrictive it means that you're not
getting a full variety of fruits a full variety of vegetables or grains the keto
diet can also cause problems of the liver and kidney so remember earlier how
we said the liver is producing ketone bodies and ketosis and how these ketone
bodies are used for energy so during this ketosis
your liver is working in overdrive so if you have any pre-existing liver
conditions it can actually make your liver worse the kidneys can also be
affected because they help metabolize proteins and during the keto diet it's
quite easy to overload them because it's so easy to go over the recommended daily
intake of protein that you should be having when just following the keto diet
normally so I guess so far it's not looking too good for the keto diet I
mean does it help you lose weight not really in the long run it also can cause
nutritional deficiencies and it also can cause kidney and liver problems however
saying all that we do have solid evidence that the keto diet can help
reduce seizures in children sometimes as effectively as medication the keto diet
has also been shown to improve blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics at
least in the short-term generally speaking there is a lack of long-term
studies into the safety and effectiveness of the keto diet so what
does this mean well it means that if you are diabetic and you are even
considering trying the keto diet please first speak to your doctor your diabetic
nurse specialist your diabetic pharmacist specialist any of them please
speak to them first before you do anything and get their advice on it with
regards to cholesterol there are a few studies showing an initial increase in
cholesterol from the keto diet followed by a reduction in cholesterol however
there are no long-term studies on this analyzing the effectiveness of the keto
diet at reducing the cholesterol levels and it's safety there are quite a few
other negative points to raise about the keto diet so one that we've already
mentioned is it's very restrictive and hard to follow
two it's very high in protein intake usually going above the recommended
allowance and three it's very heavy on the meats and other fatty processed and
salty foods which are notoriously unhealthy for you and in addition it can
also cause many side effects so to begin with you will feel very tired you will
feel very fuzzy and you'll have mood swings it's very normal with the keto
diet to begin with and also you can have many side effects like feeling sick
being constipated and also struggling to fall asleep so my final thoughts on the
keto diet firstly it's very restrictive it's very hard to follow because it's
such a big change to your eating habits secondly it's not very good for weight
loss we know this the evidence has showed it that
after a long period it doesn't make that much of a difference thirdly its
associated with many side effects and problems and fourthly which is the most
important thing there just aren't enough long-term studies on the keto diet to
look at its safety to look at its effectiveness and to see if you can
actually recommend it to people so because of the lack of research and
because of everything else that I've mentioned in this video I tend not to
recommend the keto diets and most of my patients so what I do recommend is make
changes that you can sustain over the long run thank you for the question
I hope this answer helps anyone who's looking into the keto diet and always
remember that you're awesome Clare Finelli not one doctor pharmacist nurse
surgeon ever explained this to me I wonder how much flixonase beconase afrin I've squirted right into the back of my throat thank you
mate Clare thank you for you comment this is from the how to use a nasal
spray video and I'm so happy that I could help you but please remember this
now I've said it before in in previous videos it's very difficult for health
care professionals to give all the information to a patient because it's
been shown that even if you counsel the patient so if I counseled you face to
face whether it's in the pharmacy or in a clinic that I'm working at you're probably
only going to remember one or two of those points which is why YouTube is so
amazing because I can make a video on it or a healthcare professional can make a
video on it they can direct you to it you can watch it you can learn how to
use it and you can reap all the benefits from it just like this video has done
for you so Clare I'm very happy that I can help you and thank you for the
awesome comment flames fan for life have you heard of the movie constipation it
hasn't come out yet flames fan for life thank you for your
comment you know it's a really bad joke to be honest with you but I actually did
laugh when I read it this is from the how to get rid of constipation video but
hopefully the movie has come out now because well a video has helped you
thank you for the comment Daisy you've decided that you want to make a change
you've decided that you want to be healthier me nodding in agreement at
3am Daisy thank you for your comment this comment actually really made me
laugh it's from the how to lose weight video looking at specific exercises to
help you lose weight and I just kind of put myself in someone else's shoes
listening to me and nodding their head at 3:00 a.m.

Maybe let's try it
side-by-side I'll be someone watching the video and
play me because you've decided that you want to make a change you decided that
you want to be healthier and you have decided that you want the health
benefits so it looks like we've run out of time again in this week's responding
to your comments if I didn't get back to your comment I'm really sorry but the
best advice I can give everyone is leaving at the comment and I will try my
best to get back to you in a future episode of responding to your comments
always remember you're awesome and I'll see you next week you know that's a terrible
joke but I actually enjoyed it secretly visceral fat is the dangerous fat and the study
actually showed a reduction of 14% in their visceral fat they also had a
reduction in their blood pressure they also had the reduction in their
cholesterol and they had a reduction I can't remember what okay hey guys thanks for
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