Keto Diet Dairy (Milk, Yogurt & Cheese) Explained By Dr.Berg

hello dr. Berg here in this video we’re gonnatalk about keto and dairy okay can you do dairy on a keto now in this video I’m not going to talkabout lactose dogmatic or allergies to milk or casein if the protein in milk I’m mainly gonnatalk about should you do dairy on a ketogenic diet or not first let’s talk about the yogurtokay fat-free yogurt with outcome so called result health which usually it’s like not just fruitit’s like the jelly of the fruit and all the sugar and sometimes it’s not even fruit at allit’s kind of artificial flavoring it’s 47 grams of sugar that’s like booze a soda that’s alot of sugar fat-free plain is 19 grams of sugar that’s incredible fat-free Greek is 9 grams soit’s a little better but it’s still too high and this is per 8 ounces okay eight ounces soit’s a goblet entire milk plateau is 11 grams of sugar that’s still too high but look at fat-free plainversus totality milk plateau apparently the fat-free is higher in in carbohydrates witness I’m not even lookingat the carbohydrates I’m looking exactly in carbohydrate so yeah so that’s interesting so whole milk plainis better than fat-free plain fat-free vanilla is 34 grams of carbohydrate room too high goats milk kefiris 7 grams so if you were forced to consume some type of yogurt or kefir apparently this would bethe best this is the second best okay if you were at gunpoint and you had eaten right okay look atthis blueberry kefir 20 grams Wow low fat plain kefir still has 12 grams of sugar low fat plainkey for 11 grams of carbohydrate this is lactose free and I don’t understand why it’s high in sugar butbecause lactose is the sugar so I don’t I don’t understand that but it’s still it’s way too highso that’s yogurt so do wishes to do yogurt on keto the answer is no I’m sorry okay now let’s get tomilk 2% milk is 12 grams of carbohydrate per cup okay goblet is not that large-hearted that’s too high half-and-half foryour coffee 0.36 grams so it’s less than a gram and whole paste like castigation cream is 0.1 so if you were to use cream in your coffee though with the whole milk but still happen happens notthat bad okay so are you able do these yes I would get organic and try to get grass-fed if possibleand this one is a No now what if you make love precisely a little of milk okay that’s fine but not alot of milk okay it’s just gonna setback you out of ketosis let’s talk about cheese now when you havecheese you have this fermentation commodity that “youve had” these bacteria that are eating up the milksugar and a good deal of that lactose is being lost with the whey the protein part as it’s comingout of cheese in the making of cheese as well but check this out ointment cheese is lower than one onegram it’s object four five grams per bowl that’s pretty good so paste cheese is altogether penalty pepperjack is zero grams of sugar magnificent cheddar it’s zero grams in fact the more aged of cheese thebetter the less sugar it has mozzarella one point four grams of carbohydrate per beaker still not bad has alittle bit more but look at this processed cheese handled cheese you know those little individualwrapped cheese that most people consume probably Velveeta and the other treated cheese that youwould buy that everyone’s eating and lunch and the whole thing 19 grams of carbohydrate 19 grams of sugarfor processed cheese that is like way over the top cottage cheese is six grams Wow that’s it that’s agood extent of carbohydrate so is this a yes or no these are a yes these are probably a no all right smallamounts but this one’s definitely a big fat no okay now you might be allergic to cheese becausethe casein the reaction that’s a separate deal you might be lactose intolerant that’s a separate dealbut when you get consume cheese grass-fed organic would be the ideal scene okay thanks for watchinghi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzesyour evidences to find the cause the root cause of all of your evidences the most likely cause sotake the quiz now and we’ll send you a report

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