Keto-Diät | Erfahrung und Fazit zur 1. Woche – Euphorie

Hello everyone, this is your Erika and firstof all Happy Easter to everyone! Today I wanted to make a short video about the last few days – a bit of a weekly recap – since I’ve been on the keto diet. And yes, first of all, many thanks to those who follow me and supporter me. It means a lot to me, especially many thanks to my mom: she’s my most loyal fan and doesn’t like every picture and video, I think it’s really cool. Thank you very much, mom! Very cool! Otherwise, the week was right, good. I was very skeptical about the keto diet because I cherish sugareds. I didn’t want to give up anything. I was just unsure whether this diet was for me. Well, the first week proved that it’s doing me fairly well. That’s why I’m certainly going to continue. Otherwise, what has changed in the last few periods? I’ve written a lot into it little by little, just as I felt. Otherwise, I can say, commencing from the negative side, that I still have a bit of digestive difficulties, but I likewise have trouble sleeping. I hope it gets a little bit better or it has gone a little better. But it’s nothing extraordinary in the first few weeks. It still has to adapt.On the positive side: yes … the weight loss is a cool thing … But it wasn’t my primary goal, i.e. I’ve lost 1.9 kilos now – including today – and the ketone importances (* from urinalysis) are also within the normal range. i.e. it runs and( the ketosis) offices. Although I have to say – I don’t count the calories at all. I is a well-known fact that I am once ingesting considerably better than I done before the food. That’s why I’m firmly convinced that I are genuinely get by without weighing( calories )… and I want to keep it that way: because I’m not the type of person who likes to measure and weigh every snack. I don’t want that, I don’t want that particularly consciously. That symbolizes I make small portions, I give attention to my person if I’m really hungry, then I eat something. Otherwise, I no longer have any craves, which I used to have acutely. That’s why I think it’s very good. And what I also like is that my emotional state has improved. I had, I don’t want to say “depression”, but there were “ups” and “downs” within a epoch and now the crux of the matter is that due to the constant insulin level andsugar level, I don’t have the depression swingings either.And that’s what I take with me in a very positive way, what I emphatically wanted to achieve. Exactly. And everything else comes gradually. But I’m looking forward to next week. I’ll clearly keep going and stick with it. I is certainly update you last-minute. So glad celebrations to everyone! Happy Easter and see you next time! Take care !.

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