Keto Desserts and Gut Issues

today i want to talk about keto desserts or keto 
snacks which i never recommend except at the end   of a meal and gut issues now the short version is 
you do not want to consume keto desserts or snacks   if you have gut issues so you don't want any of 
these ingredients okay but let me explain why   because the keto bombs cakes cookies or 
if you're going to do waffles or pancakes   all contain certain ingredients that will just add 
to the inflammation in your gut i'm talking about   if you have irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative 
colitis or diverticulitis or crohn's or celiac   or any inflammation your colon you want to stay 
away from these ingredients so let's go through   the ingredients so starting with sugar alcohols 
you have erythritol with stevia or you have   erythritol with monk fruit now if you don't 
have a gut issue this would be a good option   second option would be xylitol now if we compare 
xylitol with erythritol this is better because   erythritol is 30 on the glycemic index now if 
you're having very small amounts it's not going   to be that big of a deal i personally consume 
a little xylitol in my coffee every day it's   one small packet extremely small doesn't affect 
my blood sugars at all but this should be zero   but if you have a gut issue i don't recommend it 
maltitol is one of the worst sugar alcohols it'll   really tear up your gut and it's pretty high 
on the glycemic index and then you have this   thing called imo isomaltooligosaccharides 
another name for that is vita fiber now   i did a video a long time ago recommending this 
until i found some interest in your research on   it and now i do not recommend it because it 
can definitely increase your blood sugars big   time it's usually in the syrup so you can make all 
sorts of amazing things and it gives great texture   for all sorts of keto desserts and it's very sweet 
but in reality it's not keto friendly that's why   it tastes so great all right the other things 
you need to avoid are the flour alternatives so   when you do keto you're no longer doing grains 
like wheat flour so you do almond flour coconut   flour chia seed flour chickpea flour or hazelnut 
flour these will tear up your gut you want to   avoid these as well and then we get to vegetable 
fats now most vegetable fats are high in omega-6   it's going to create more inflammation like 
safflower oil sunflower oil especially corn and   soy you're going to see these in restaurant 
food so if you go out to dinner a lot   regardless of whether you order keto or not a lot 
of times they're going to fry the food or cook the   food in these two oils and you may wonder why your 
stomach is inflamed that is why now coconut oil is   a plant fat and it is not that great if you have 
severe gut issues so you can test it out might   be okay but it may not be good for you and of 
course nuts and seeds you want to avoid those   because if you have a gut issue it can really 
create an inflammatory process because these   are very high in omega-6 fats so the worse the gut 
issue the more you need to do carnivore which is   keto but without all this other stuff you're 
pretty much just doing animal fat and protein   maybe a little bit of fermented vegetables but if 
your gut is very very severe even those might be a   problem but if it's a moderate problem you could 
pretty much handle a small amount of fermented   vegetables now let's say for example your 
gut is inflamed or you have this autoimmune   condition which always stems from the gut you 
want to do this ratio two to one fat to protein   but mainly stick with animal fats and animal 
proteins so you'd want to do carnivore   without plant fats like you wouldn't want to do 
with coconut oil or even avocados and because   there's a lot of inflammation in your gut you 
don't even want to do any type of dairy whatsoever   that includes cream butter a small amount of ghee 
might be okay because ghee actually filters out   some of the solids some of the potential proteins 
like casein that you might be sensitive to   and with gut issues some people are 
sensitive to eggs as well so unfortunately   you're very restrictive but if you 
only consume very very fatty uh   meats on a keto and i'm not just talking about 
using meat i'm talking about organ meats as well   fatty sausage to fatty fish would be a very very 
good thing to help heal your gut issues so you   would do that for a period of time and then you'd 
want to slowly ease into the fermented vegetables   but you probably are not going to be able to 
tolerate these keto desserts and so-called   keto friendly snacks if you have a history of 
gut issues all right guys for a little more   information on this i put a video down below check 
it out before you go if you have a question about   a product or you're new to keto and you want to 
know how to begin keto or you're on keto and you   need a debug because it's not going as smooth i 
have a keto consultant standing by to help you   this is just for the people in the u.s 
hopefully in the future we'll be able to   answer everyone's call but i put the number 
down below so you can call and get some help

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