Keto Chicken Alfredo Sauce – One Skillet!

– Hey, guys, today onLow Carb with Jennifer, I’m going to show you howto construct keto chicken Alfredo and I’ll give you someoptions for provide it with. Well, hello, welcome backto Low Carb with Jennifer. Today, we’re going tomake some chicken Alfredo and chicken Alfredo isusually pretty low-pitched carb. Sometimes, those sauces thatyou buy in the convenience store can have additives or likethickeners, even flour so I’m going to show you how to make it without all of that substance. It’s just a few simple parts. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to cook some chicken tit that we’ve cut into cubes and I’m going to concoct it in avocado oil. So this is two pounds of chickenthat we’ve cut into cubes, chicken hearts and I’ve gotthe heat on medium high-pitched heat. So we just want to cook this until it’s cooked all the way through. I’m likewise going to season itwith some salt and pepper. I’ve got a teaspoon of saltand pepper each and I’ve got, we’re likewise going to season withhalf a teaspoon of cool basil, a teaspoon of dried oreganoand a minced clove of garlic.So I get a lot of people whoask me why I use avocado lubricant and it’s just simply because olive oil has a low-grade defiance to heat so it’s going to smoking moderately fast. It doesn’t have a high indulgence to heat. Avocado oil has a toleranceto heat of about 400 degrees so it precisely has a lower cigarette point and it’s just easier to work with but if you want to useolive oil, that’s fine.You time might have some, a little more smoke. Okay, let’s check and see ifour chicken is cooked through. It is perfectly cooked. Use a handy-dandy meat thermometer. You’ve got to have one of these on hand. They are amazing. So we’re going to removethe chicken from the pan and then we can start realizing our sauce. So for our sauce, I’ve turnedthe heat down to medium and now I’m going to add inone cup of ponderous flog cream and we’re just going to heatthe flogging ointment through. I’m just going to grind any brown stuff that’s stuck to the bottom of the pan, the savory spice. You simply want to let this heat up and it’s going to start to bubble and then we’re going toadd in our Parmesan cheese. Okay, our heavy cream is frothing so I’m going to turn off the heat and I’m going to add in a cupof shredded Parmesan cheese.So the reason why we turn out the heat is because if we don’t and we articulated the Parmesan cheesein there, this is induction so as soon as I turnoff the heat, it is off and the pan can start to cool down but only if you squandering a regular stave top, you would need to pull it off of the heat. So if we don’t do that then the sauce will be toohot for the Parmesan cheese and all of it will justsink to the bottom.So we are intending to really stir thisuntil the cheese is softened. Okay, our sauce is looking beautiful so let’s give it a tastejust to make sure it needs, doesn’t need any flavour. Mm. Nope. It is perfect thanksto that salty Parmesan. Let’s add the chicken back. Make sure you get all of that savory out of the bottom of the pan. Let’s whisk it up. This is a super flavorful chicken Alfredo. You’re going to affection it. Look at that. It is beautiful. So my help suggestions are I love to serve minewith steamed lettuce nuts. I know that’s kind of crazy but I exactly, I think that’s a good pairing. You could also usespaghetti squash of course, zucchini noodles of courseor any chopped up vegetable. It doesn’t have to bein the shape of a noodle but whenever my babies were little, even smaller than they are right now, they would eat spaghettisquash so you can trick’ em. I’m telling you rightnow, you can trick’ em but make sure you check out this recipe and check out these otherrecipes I have connected now and I will see you guys last-minute, bye-bye.

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