Keto Cheesecake that will make you SPEECHLESS

( soft upbeat music) – Hey people, today on Low Carbwith Jennifer, we are going to be making this milehigh keto cheesecake. Well it’s really not mile high-pitched. But it is thick and luscious and creamy. You are not going towant to miss this recipe. You can find the link to the recipe on my blog JenniferBanz.comand research cheesecake. Okay people, let’s get started with this super thickdelicious cheesecake.So we’ve got some almond flour. And I’m going to add in, this isfor the crust, I’m going to add in some cinnamon and some Swerve. And some butter. We’re going to, we’re going to stimulate this up. And then we’ve got our nineinch springform go here. We’re going to employed it in the go. And you don’t need, this crust has are plenty of butter in it. You don’t need to spraythe go or anything. Also this one is non-stick. So if your springformpan is not non-stick, you are able to precisely on the safe back and go ahead and scatter it. So get our crust concoction about ready. All that cinnamon in there. Okay so now, kind of made a mess.So now we can settle thisin our springform wash. And then we are going tojust press it down and up, about halfway up the two sides. But you don’t, you want it to all be even. You don’t want it to betoo thick in one part. And you can also use ameasuring cup to get this even if you don’t wantto get your hands soiled. But I don’t mind. Okay, you want to make surethere’s no faults in the bottom. Make sure it’s all altogether considered. Okay, just like that. So now this needs togo in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes justfor the butter to harden.And then our layer will be ready. Okay we’re going towork on the crowd now for our super scrumptious cheesecake. So I’ve got six bricksof ointment cheese now. This is a very rich anddelicious cheesecake. And so now we’re goingto beat the paste cheese until it’s nice and smooth. These have been softened. So it, they still need to be kind of ran down. But we’re going to get these beatens. And then we’re going to addin our sweetener and eggs and the rest of our parts. Okay we’ve got that kind of mixed up. So I’m going to start addingthe eggs in one at a time. And grind down the edgesjust to get that back down in there so we can get it desegregated. Okay, we’re going to keepscraping and save lending our eggs. We’ve got four more eggs to add. Last egg. I’ll go ahead and included in the vanilla. And now we can add in our sweetener. Really a little. We’ll add about a third of this at a time. And this is Swerve, confectioner’s Swerve.Okay, add a little bit more. Starting to look genuinely creamy. The last of our sweetener. Okay, and we still need to add in our cream, I symbolize sour ointment. And I’m going to scrape the sides. Just going to get all ofthis trash from the sides. And I’m going to scrape the bottom. And I’ll beat it one last-place age. Alright, our crowd is all done. So we will get our crustout of the refrigerator. And then we can really pour itin and we’re going to bake it in a 300 magnitude oven for about an hour. Okay, here is our crust all ready. Okay we can pour our filling in, ooh.It’s a lot of filling. But this is a super thickand yummy cheesecake. This is something youcould freeze a fraction of it and then you canalways have cheesecake. Or you can serve it to clas or clients. Okay now we can time even out the top. And this is ready for the oven. But like I said, 1 hour at 300. And we don’t need to do a waterbath or anything like that. You time have to make sure that you don’t overcook your cheesecake. Whenever it’s ready, you checkit after about 50 times. And you want the center to still have a little bit of a jiggle. And then you will let it cool in the oven with the door open. And that’ll simply ensure that you don’t overcook your cheesecake. And then it will set upand then we will set it in the oven for about anhour with the oven off. And then it can go in therefrigerator and it needs to refrigerate overnight just so it can get wholly set up.And through the magic of video, I once have thischeesecake ready to cut. And holy moly, it gapes amazing. So I’m going to cut into this carefully. I settled some sliced strawberries on it. And then I threw some more Swerve on it. And this is a particularly thick-skulled cheesecake. Oh my gosh. Cannot wait to see this.I need a cake server.( chuckles) Mm-mm, oh yeah, that lookings good. I’m getting a little bite right here. It is so creamy, oh my gosh, look at that. That is so good. So this recipe is on my blog. And it’s amazing. You have got to try it. And I’m just so, I’m just distraught. I mean just so overcome with joy over howdelicious this cheesecake is. I forget what I was going to say. Oh yeah,, probe cheesecake. We’ll see you guys later, bye-bye ..

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