Keto Breath Mints | Peppermint Frost | 2-Ingredients | 0 Carbs

Hi and welcome to Cook with Mel. Ifyou’re a returning subscriber or viewer welcome back if you are new here delight considersubscribing and make that notification bell so you know when I’ve posted a brand-new recipe.Today we have got an amazing solution to the dreaded keto bad sigh. It’s just twoingredients and much more cost effective than buying tic tacs or some other breath mint, savor very much like a spearmint tic tac and very pleasant so I’m going to show you nowwhat they look like. There’s no need to store them in the fridge or freezer or anythingyou can just keep them in the cabinet. and if you are on the go, if you’re at worklovely to just keep it in your crate or in the car or anywhere close by so that when you feelfurry or you know you feel like you need to refresh shall we call it you know you’vegot breath piles, zero calories, zero carbs. Let’s get into the recipe now. SSo you’rebasically going to need one cup of xylitol. Now let’s talk about xylitol a little bitthis is the brand that I’m exercising and it has virtually no nutritional information.I’ll justshow you that now it’s got zero carbs zero carbohydrates zero everything basically and this ishow we are going to achieve a zero carb zero carbohydrates breath batch and the other ingredientyou’re gonna need is peppermint extract or um if you’re at a state store you can buypeppermint oil as well and we’re gonna use about a tablespoon of that and you should achievequite a nice intensity of a batch flavour. You’re going to need a small stainless steelpot for this just so the xylitol doesn’t stick with your go and we are going to set our burnersto jolly low-toned because all we want to do is melt the xylitol you can’t use erythritol or youknow monkfruit or any other sweetener because the xylitol will crystallize in thecorrect way so contributing a cup to our container you’re just going to leave it alone simmeringon very low until it melts. While your xylitol is melting you’re going to grease and path a bakingsheet because what we’re going to do is when the xylitol is in liquid form we’re going to pourthis over after we’ve added the peppermint extract or petroleum we’re going to add it over and then it’sgoing to set so do prepare that no need to stir or anything it’ll do it all by itself and youcan see as it’s melting the edges are very clear. Now you can see my xylitol has completely cooledand I’m going to turn off the hot now and now let it cool for 10 minutes.Our xylitol is cool now soI’m going to add a teaspoon of peppermint remove and arouse that in. Oh it’s very mintyand now you’re literally gonna pour your potpourrus onto yourparchment article or broiling newspaper you’re just going to spread that a little. Now your breather mints need to set and youwill do that they need to dry up overnight and just a word of telling xylitolis quite deadly to swine and pepper anything peppermint felines are attractedto so do not leave it on your counter put it in the oven and close the theoven and um your swine should be safe from this um breath pile that is poisonousto them.I’m gonna framed it in the oven now and give it sit for 24 hours as your sigh mintsdry out you can uh separate you know the dry from the wet and make it continue baking or you canjust leave it alone. Our wait time is up and we’re ready to have breath mints. I’ll really beat it outof the oven and you can see what it looks like. So this is what it looks like out of theoven and now you’re going to need to break it up into one gram pieces.I actually hada appreciation of this um you know because the edge the edge will dry first and I had a taste of itand it savours so good it tastes like spearmint so now you’re gonna break this up into one grampieces so let’s let’s do that. Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a scene out ofBreaking Bed? You know Walter White when he’s LOL Any who so this is about the size that you’relooking for excavation are quite thick I visualize my pan is maybe not as even as I’d like but that’s quitethick so you should get a bigger spread um over your tray but even though they are you don’t and if you youknow end up with two gram bits I don’t think anything is gonna you know happen soI’ll precisely continue divulging these up as you are able to do and check in when it’s all done.So here “we ii” our zero carb zero carbohydrate sigh mint.They flavor like a tic tac or any breathmint that you might buy you know in store they’re cheaper to offset um it’s the cost of one peppermintessence a little bit of peppermint essence and a you know a little bit of xylitol soif you’re feel with bad wheeze here is a great zero carb cheapersolution. I hope you enjoyed this video thanks so much better for watching keep safe and is very well ..


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