Keto Blueberry Muffins Recipe

– Hi everyone. It’s Maya from WholesumYum.Com, and today I’m showing you how to originate keto blueberry muffins. This is one of my favorite keto recipes. It’s actually from my Easy Keto Cookbook, and it’s really popular on the blog. These muffins are moist, they’reflavorful, they’re sweet. You’re going to perfectly love them. And they make only thirty minutes to impel. Let’s do this.Let’s talk about theingredients you’re going to need to start the best keto muffins so that they’re perfect every time. The quality is reallyimportant in these muffins, so the ingredients youuse are going to matter. But I’ll amble you through all of it. First, we’ve got the almond flour. You can see this got areally fine consistency, and that’s going to make a big difference in the end product. You’re going to want to use super penalty, blanched almond flour.I use Wholesome Yum AlmondFlour in all my cooked goods, because I personally pick thisout for the best consistency. What it’s going to do is it’s going to give youa really fine quality, a nice sliver in your muffins. You’re really going to like it. If “youre using” an almond dinner or sometimes some symbols of almond flour, even if they’re labeled as blanched, they’re a little bit coarser. And that results in a morecoarse, gritty composition in the muffins in the end. Next we’ve got Besti. So Besti is the naturalsweetener that we be utilized in these muffins. Got it right here. Besti is a monk fruit allulose blend. And the allulose in there iswhat makes a huge difference. So unlike other sweeteners, allulose is not going to crystallize after you store the muffins. It’s also going to see reach them super moist, which is something that’sreally nice in a muffin. Other cool parts we have here.We have a little bit of sea salt, merely to balance out the sweetness and we’ve got baking pulverize. Make sure your baking powder is fresh so that it genuinely helpsto elevation those muffins. And if you are gluten free, then you’ll want to check that your baking gunpowder is gluten free. Some brands are not, so justkeep an eye out for that. Now, moving on to the wet parts. So we’ve got almond milk.Be sure it’s unsweetened. Sometimes they have addedsugar, so watch out for that. You can also use a differenttype of milk if you prefer. So heavy cream will work, half and half, if that fits into your macros. Or coconut milk. Avoid dairy milk though, because that’s going to have sugar in it. The lactose is sugar, and that’s something we wish to avoid if you don’t want them. You’ve got eggs and a littlebit of vanilla and butter. I prefer to use butter in my muffins. I desire the spice that it hands them. If you require a dairy freemuffin, that’s totally punishment. You can precisely use coconut lubricant instead.You don’t want to use otheroils like olive oil or avocado. That’s going to resultin a different composition that we don’t want. And then finally we have the lend ins. Blueberry muffins are the best! So we’re adding blueberries, but feel free to be modified up if you crave. You can add sugar-free chocolate microchips, chopped strawberries, raspberries, nuts, whatever you like in your muffin, altogether fine.Either practice, we’re employ three one-quarter goblet. So really make sure it addsup to about that amount. Grab your muffin tin and argument it with parchment newspaper liners. You are also welcome to use siliconeliners if you like. I’ll link the ones I use below. For our muffin batter, we’ll add two and a halfcups of almond flour, half a beaker of Besti, one and a half teaspoons of cooking pulverize and a one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt. Then scoot it altogether.I like to use a scoot toget rid of all the oafs. Melt a third of a goblet ofbutter or coconut petroleum, and lent it to the dry ingredients Add a third of a beaker ofunsweetened almond milk and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Stir it all together until smooth. Next, we’re going to add three eggs. You could whisk theseseparately in a small bowl, but I like to use just the same bowl. So we’ll cracking them right into the middle. Then we’ll take a whiskand whisk the eggs together before mixing them in withthe rest of the batter. Time for the best part, the contribute ins. We’re adding three quartercup of blueberries. I like to add most of them to the batter, but earmark really a littlebit for transcending the muffins after we introduced them into the muffin tin. Fold the blueberries into the batter. Spoon the smash into the muffin tin. You’ll give about a third ofa cup of smash per muffin. It can help to use a little spatula to scoop the smash into the tin.Now speck the pinnacles withthe remaining blueberries that you earmarked earlier. Bake the muffins for 20 to 25 times at 350 magnitudes Fahrenheit. Our keto muffins are ready. Just look at how goldenand beautiful these are. The muffins are moist, the blueberries are juicy. These are perfect. I hope you’ll makethese keto muffins soon. If you do, be sure to leavea comment and snarl a photograph. Post it with #wholesomeyumso that I can see it. See you next time on Wholesome Yum, where I’ll support you easy, healthful and keto recipes all with ten ingredients or less ..

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