Keto and Heart Disease – Dr.Berg Answers Does Ketogenic Diet Increase or Decrease Heart Health?

hey guys had another question from someonedoes ketosis increase or lessen the risk of heart disease okay let’s talk about that thestudy that I’m going to post down below is very very interesting because they compared the studyfrom rodents versus humans okay I’m going to talk about what they found when they employed people ona ketogenic diet which is basically is more solid but the carbs are room down in rodents it increasedcholesterol increases the LDL that so announced bad cholesterol it decreases the good cholesterolHDL and it increases the triglycerides okay that’s interesting but in humen it decreasescholesterol weakens the LDL increases the HDL and abridges the triglyceride fascinating soright there this tells me that the swelling and questions in the routes are not an issueokay now let’s talk about even the pancreas and rodents it will increase insulin in humen itdecreases insulin increases your blood sugar and weakens a1c why because the main cause of heartdisease is high insulin and the ketogenic food is designed to lower insulin one interesting thing I wantto add make sure you add intermittent fasting to then take it to the next tier because that willalso help your lower insulin even more and really attain these digits look really good alrightthanks for watching hey “youre supposed to” already agreed but if you haven’t press this littlebutton down below and I will continue you updated

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