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It is no surprise that people worldwide suffer from obesity because of their poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits. 


In the United States, obesity remains the number one health hazard among both males and females and demonstrates the same statistics in many developing nations. 

This essay will elaborate on obesity and inform you about the most effective way to conquer it. 

Intrinsically, obesity is referred to as too much or excessive absorption of unhealthy fat tissues or unwanted calories deposited in the body. This kind of health issue is a serious health destroyer that gives open invitation to certain health afflictions. 

Obesity and its grim consequences are well documented on TV and online. It is usually called a curse on the human body due to its health risks and disorders. It is a prevailing disease that must not be ignored and tackled effectively. 

Being obese is totally unhealthy and opens the door to numerous diseases and illnesses like heart diseases, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, arthritis etc. Not only this, obesity is even a leading cause of mortality and premature death too.


Do you know how it takes place? 

We unknowingly are trapped in obesity due to numerous lifestyle factors and our daily eating plan. Our body weight and overall health completely depend on what we eat on a daily basis. 

If we make a healthy food choice, we can easily keep ill health or obesity at bay, but if we consume processed food, lack of proteins, more calories, and overeating, surely body corpulence will take place and we will become obese. 

Besides eating habits, there are other lifestyle factors that can also lead to obesity or increase its fatal results. 

Many sedentary lifestyle factors include 

●    Lack of physical activity

●    Long hours sitting

●    Inadequate sleep

●    Genetics

●    Slow metabolism

●    Emotional stress & depression

These factors play a vital role in gaining extra weight and affect overall well-being. These habits are being blamed on those who have…

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