Keto 101 – Optimize Your Fast

What's the problems with
fasting? Number one, you lose muscle. Number two, you lower your
metabolism. Number three, you get an
unplugged affect me, kind of get a brain fog effect, right? Number four, you get extremely
hungry, especially for the first two days, you're hungry
all the time, right? Then number five, you lose
electrolytes. So you lose muscle, you lower
your metabolism, you the get unplugged effect, meaning you
have brain fog, You have extreme hunger and you
lose electrolytes. So even though its the number
one way to promote ketogenesis, the problem with it is it has
those downsides. Well, this is basically what we
ended up doing. As we said, we need to engineer
something where we can promote ketogenesis at an extreme level, but stop
all those negative effects of fasting. So that's why I would Prüvit
did is they launched the Keto Reboot™ system. The Prüvit Reboot system is the first
mechanized system to promote ketogenesis at maximum rates
without the negative effects you see with fasting.

Why do I say that, while you're
rebooting, while you're doing this modified fast to start
your month out, you have ketones. What do those do? They stop you from having the
unplugged effect, right? So I fasted today, I just basically had ketones
today, so I don't have any brain fog. I'm ready to do this
presentation. The keto broth that you take
has electrolytes and MITO//PLEX in it, also has electrolytes. And what the MITO//PLEX is
going to do is it's going to increase mitochondria;
mitochondria in the liver is where we produce ketones. The SIGNAL//OS® is going to
allow you to promote DNA production, promotes longevity, and then remember, we're
providing basically ketogenic amino acids like leucine, so,
you're getting endogenous ketogenesis
at a much higher rate.

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