Keto 101 – Keto Research: Cognitive Testing

Keto 101 -  Keto Research: Cognitive Testing

– We're using many different strategies and doing research to optimize keto and human behavior right now at ASPI. So actually we have a lot of NFL players who have had head injuries, concussions, and unfortunately after a head injury they've actually been cognitively underperforming throughout their careers. – SPECT imaging is an imaging that looks at the brain to see blood flow and utilization in different areas of the brain. – What we found is that KetoNat actually brings and standardizes their levels so that they can function in everyday life. – So, one of them is that we actually went to a SPECT imaging scan of myself and Josh Perry recently, and we found that my brain was really busy. A lot happens, and at rest, that's not the case. Lots of noise and lots of activity. After one serving of KetoNat we found that it basically stabilized my brain, allowing me to focus better and be more present in the moment. That's what I think we'll see with more keto research. Not only key beverage diets, but also exogenous ketones, are improved by SPECT imaging. – We started with ASPI's metabolic testing and with Dr.

Ryan Lowery and Jacob Wilson, we did some cognitive testing just looking at the eye chart and cognitive function and performance, that sort of thing. So, we did that at the baseline, but we also did it with KetoNat 30 minutes before the test consumed and saw its impact. Not surprisingly, cognitive performance improved as a result of improved test results. So, more of that and where SPECT imaging is going with exogenous ketones just to see how the brain does exogenous ketones improve blood flow and function. So it's really fun. Seeing the life I've been living in terms of faith, objectively, can be measured this way, and to me it means the whole world, to share with other people and let them live..

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