Keto 101 – Keto Myths: Sunstainability

Is the ketogenic diet
sustainable? So research shows that yeah, it
definitely can be. So some Studies have
demonstrated individuals consuming a ketogenic diet,
even strict ketogenic diets on the scale of years, and then
anecdotally and socially. We know of people that have
spent years to decades of their life on ketogenic diet. So it definitely can be
sustainable and and kind of getting into a mindset of
thinking long-term about making this type of way of eating. If it's something that you
enjoy and is is working well for you, then
you know, prioritizing a way to make it
sustainable is good to.

So finding these new recipes
and things to keep it interesting and and kind of
setting yourself up for success is a really great way to do
that. So some people do struggle with
compliance on a ketogenic diet, especially when they're trying
to follow very strict ketogenic diet, which is sometimes
required for certain people. Those people are typically
under a medical, you know, protocol and so they're working
with their Physicians on that. But so a strict ketogenic diet
definitely can be difficult for a lot of people, but also many people really
enjoy the ketogenic way of eating and don't find it to be
unsustainable at all.

So just depends on the

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