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RTAG 1 TTGoogle. Microsoft. Facebook. Amazon. LinkedIn. HP. Twitter. Airbnb. They’ve all ATAG 1 TTasked at least part of their workforce to work from dwelling in light of the current state situation.

RTAG 2 TTMore business are likely to follow–maybe even yours.

RTAG 3 TTIf you’ve never directed from residence or don’t do so regularly, it can be a big switch.

RTAG 4 TTMany Vidyard works regularly act remotely. That’s why we’ve put together our top gratuities for working remotely–and continuing to be just as( if not more) effective as you are in the office.

Contents1. ATAG 2 TTWhat is Remote Work ?2. ATAG 3 TTWhat Are Some Benefits of Working Remotely ?3. ATAG 4 TTWhat’s the Best Work From Home Office Setup ?3. 1ATAG 5 TTChoose a Dedicated Work Space and Establish Frontier3. 2ATAG 6 TTMimic Your In-Office Setup as Much as Possible3. 3ATAG 7 TTTry Moving Around4. ATAG 8 TTHow Do I Collaborate with Coworkers When Working Remotely ?4. 1ATAG 9 TTAlways Turn Your Video On4. 2ATAG 10 TTLet People Know When You’re Available4. 3ATAG 11 TTBe Responsive5. ATAG 12 TTHow Can I Be a Successful Remote Employee ?5. 1ATAG 13 TTEstablish a Routine5. 2ATAG 14 TTDon’t Forgotten to Feed Yourself( Yes, Seriously )5. 3ATAG 15 TTSeparate Work and Home Tasks5. 4ATAG 16 TTThink About the Experience and Be Inclusive of Everyone6. ATAG 17 TTHow Do I Manage Remote Working with My Obedience as a Parent ?6. 1ATAG 18 TTLet Colleagues Know About Possible Disruptions in Advance6. 2ATAG 19 TTTeach Your Kids to Say Hello7. ATAG 20 TTWhat Remote Working Tools Do I Need ?7. 1ATAG 21 TTGoogle Suite for Remote Access and Collaboration7. 2ATAG 22 TTSlack to Keep in Touch7. 3ATAG 23 TTZoom to Give Meetings a More Human Touch7. 4ATAG 24 TTVidyard for Asynchronous Communications8. ATAG 25 TTHow Do I Manage Remote Employees( or Teams )?8. 1ATAG 26 TTCheck in Often8. 2ATAG 27 TTMake Sure Everyone’s IncludedWhat is Remote Work? RTAG 5 TTThe number of people who work from dwelling has increased 173% since 2005 and a whopping 4.7 million works now operate from residence at least half the time, according to ATAG 28 TTGlobal Workplace Analytics. Plus, 40% more U.S supervisors now furnish flexible workplace options than they did five years ago.

RTAG 6 TTAs this trend increases, you may find yourself trying to understand what it is. There’s no better place to start than a remote exertion definition.

RTAG 7 TTWhat is remote employ? It’s when hires act from home or another location other than a traditional role infinite. Formerly referred to as “telecommuting” or “virtual work, ” remote work is still often used synonymously with “working from home.”

RTAG 8 TTFor countless people, running remotely wants driving from residence, though not for everyone. Some works cultivate remotely while traveling or along the road. Some do so out of coworking spaces.

RTAG 9 TTWhy do beings succeed remotely? Top concludes include better work-life balance, increased productivity or better focus, little stress, and by-passing a commute, according to OwlLab’s ATAG 29 TTState of Remote Work.

RTAG 10 TTThe degree to which parties succeed remotely can vary widely, both between companies and individuals. These are a few of the most common expressions to know 😛 TAGENDFully Remote Companies: Every work at these organizations toils remotely because the business does not have a physical part at all.Hybrid Remote Companies: These fellowships give a physical part room, but also grant hires the option to work remotely or intersperse between. These parties often have tech and implements in place to support such flexibility( such as the use of laptops and cloud-based software ). Non-Remote Companies: These constitutions expect employees to be physically in agency to do their work. Often more traditional, they may have employees toil from the department as a matter of policy or requisite( for example, hires may use desktop computers and cannot access their folders outside of the part ). Amply Remote Workers: Employees who remotely as the default value, though they may come into the office sometimes( say for a commencement or important in-person meeting ). Part-Time Remote Workers: Employees who work remotely routinely, for instance on nominated days of the week.On-Site Laborers: Employees who ever come into the business’ physical location to do their work.ATAG 30 TTIMG 1 TTNot Sure When to Use Asynchronous Video? ATAG 31 TTIMG 2 TTFind out when you should introduce asynchronous video into your work day with our handy dandy checklist.ATAG 32 TTGet the ListWhat Are Some Benefits of Working Remotely? RTAG 11 TTLike anything, there are quite a few benefits of working remotely( as well as some drawbacks ).

RTAG 12 TTRemote Work Benefits Include 😛 TAGENDEmployees “whos working” remotely say they’re happy in their jobs 29% more than on-site proletarians( ATAG 33 TTOwlLabs) Fellowship that allow remote work experience 25% less employee turnover than all the persons who don’t( ATAG 34 TTOwlLabs) Remote proletarians in the U.S. thwart 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year by not travelling( ATAG 35 TTGlobal Workplace Analytics) RTAG 13 TTWorking from home can be rewarding, but that’s not to say it’s all are present in your pajamas and coming laundry done while “youre working”. There was still challenges to remote working too and it’s not for everyone.

RTAG 14 TTCommon Remote Working Challenges Include 😛 TAGENDDifficulty unplugging from act after hours( ATAG 36 TTOwlLabs) Most firms don’t cover costs associated with remote work, such as internet rewards or coworking bodies( ATAG 37 TTOwlLabs) Learn From the ProsRTAG 15 TTJesse Walsh, Segment Marketing Manager at Vidyard, lives about an hour away from the position, so she works from residence at least two days a week.

RTAG 16 TTIn this short video, she shares her top tips for acting from home–from her customary home workspace.

IMG 3 TTWhat’s the Best Work From Home Office Setup? RTAG 17 TTEveryone drives differently, so the most important thing is trying out different options to figure out what works best for you. That said, there are some rules of thumb that our crew find helpful when setting up their remote succeeding spaces.

Choose a Dedicated Work Space and Establish BoundariesRTAG 18 TTRather as you would if you were in the part, it’s important selecting a dedicated space where you can work when you’re at home.

RTAG 19 TTIf possible, try to choose an area of your home that’s separate from other family members or roommates so that it’ll be easier for you to minimize distractions.

RTAG 20 TTRelated to your alternative of gap, naming borders is key to maintaining your workspace if anyone else will be at home while you’re working remotely.

RTAG 21 TTTyler Vincent, a Development Manager at Vidyard, wielded remotely for three years before he participated the company, so he knows how important your residence workspace can be to your productivity.

RTAG 22 TT“Pick a area in your residence, ” he cautions. “This is your work room. Let everyone else in your live know that when you’re in there with the door closed, you’re’ not home.’ This sounds kind of regimented, but it’s as much for you to keep away from distractions as it is to keep your family away.”

RTAG 23 TTIf a separate room isn’t available or if you live in a small space, like an suite where a dedicated area isn’t possible, Stephanie Yi, Senior Solutions Consultant at Vidyard, proposes trying stand-up partitions to help create a visual separation for yourself.

RTAG 24 TTEither way, Sandy Pell, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Vidyard, recommends forestalling high-traffic areas that have lots of distractions( such as regions that your partner or children might frequent during the day ). Her suggestion?

RTAG 25 TT“Set up opening in an existing area that is tidy, has immense illuminate, and is cozy, ” she says.

RTAG 26 TTThese tips for labouring remotely are of particular importance if you’ll be doing a lot of video intersects or registers. If this applies, you’ll also want to think about your background when choosing your workspace.

RTAG 27 TTSandy shows looking for a place with interesting wallpaper, a colorful aspect wall, or even some art to jazz up your videos a bit. If none are available, try wearing a bright shirt instead to help keep your videos from gaping bland.

ATAG 38 TTIMG 4 TTCreate Free Video MessagesEasily record and share videos.ATAG 39 TTSign Up FreeMimic Your In-Office Setup as Much as PossibleRTAG 28 TTWhen you’re setting up your remote succeeding infinite or main office, is necessary to imitation the set up you have at the agency as much as possible.

RTAG 29 TTIf you’ll be working remotely on a regular basis, get a desk and proper desk chair so you can establish an ergonomic workstation. If you’re working remotely temporarily or not looking to establish a long-term setup, “ve been thinking about” what recognise in your room best allows for these conditions.

RTAG 30 TTGet a proper desk and good chair. Working on the couch is rad but it eventually leads to ergonomics-related issues.

IMG 5 TTTyler VincentVidyardDevelopment ManagerRTAG 31 TTFor instance, your kitchen or breakfast nook table could be a good substitute for a dedicated table setup.

RTAG 32 TTTaylor Biggin, a Product Marketing Manager at Vidyard, acts from home regularly, so he’s intentional about how he provides up his exertion space.

RTAG 33 TT“I like to have a dedicated’ home base’ for design, so I try as far as is possible to mimic my at-office setup at home, ” he says. “Dual monitor at the agency? Dual monitor at home. External keyboard at the power? External keyboard at home. It helps me really jump into my work, instead of having to settle into a “new” space each time.”

Try Moving AroundRTAG 34 TTRather than choose one dedicated discern, some Vidyardians are big love of moving to different places in their home throughout the day.

RTAG 35 TTErica Morgan, Launch Program Manager at Vidyard, likes to switch up her workspace often, both when she’s in-office and wielding from home.

RTAG 36 TT“I like to change it up a little, ” she says. “I might start out at the kitchen table, migrate to the upstairs agency, sit on the couch for a little. I generally do the same at the place, from my desk to a meeting room to Townhall, so I find this quite effective.”


How Do I Collaborate with Coworkers When Working Remotely? RTAG 38 TTWhen you’re not working side-by-side and you can’t time tap your coworkers on the shoulder when you have a question, you have to get more intentional about keeping in-touch.

Always Turn Your Video OnRTAG 39 TTOne of the biggest things you can do to keep the human touch in your interactions with coworkers is to turn your video on–let them see your face.

RTAG 40 TTWhether you’re make a video label or recording an asynchronous video, this can help people connect with you and builds your communications more hiring for others.

RTAG 41 TTPlus, when you’re working from residence, turning on your video can also force you to maintain a number that includes getting garmented in the morning( instead of just working in your pjs ).

ATAG 40 TTIMG 7 TTNot Sure When to Use Asynchronous Video? ATAG 41 TTIMG 8 TTFind out when you should introduce asynchronous video into your work day with our handy dandy checklist.ATAG 42 TTGet the ListLet People Know When You’re AvailableRTAG 42 TTWhen people can’t see whether you’re at your table, in a meeting or have just run to the washroom by simply glancing over to your workspace, it’s important that you be proactive in keeping them up to date on when you’re available and when you’re not.

RTAG 43 TTMake it clear to coworkers by taking the time to settled fulfills or epoch away from your desk in your docket( and placed it so that coworkers can see these blocks ). If “youre using” an instantaneous messaging or chat platform like Slack, be sure to set your status to let people know what you’re up to.

RTAG 44 TTIn a see? Stepped away from your computer for lunch? Taking the dog for a path? Put it in your status so coworkers don’t have to guess at why they’re not hearing back from you.

Be ResponsiveRTAG 45 TTWhenever you are available, has become a accept as possible. Remember that coworkers don’t have the ability to walk over to your desk to sounds you on the shoulder, so be ensured that the digital equivalents they have available are just as effective.

RTAG 46 TTMarcel Van Der Linde, a Development Team Lead at Vidyard, knows the importance of procreating sure people can get ahold of you.

RTAG 47 TT“If you are not explicit about what your current status is, and a coworker sends you an urgent meaning but you don’t respond, they’re effectively at a loss and the theme has gone into the void, ” he explains.

RTAG 48 TT“To this end, I do my best to ensure that my Slack status is always up-to-date related to being in converges, or taking a lunch break, or even being AFK[ editor’s tone: away from keyboard] for a few minutes when nature calls.”

How Can I Be a Successful Remote Employee? RTAG 49 TTThere’s no one best method to work remotely, but there are some things to keep in mind when you’re building work from residence habits.

Establish a RoutineRTAG 50 TTJust because you’re not going to get a physical part doesn’t mean your day can’t still have a routine.

RTAG 51 TTAhead of time, regulate what your start and stop terms will be so that you can stick to them and prevent your workday from creeping into your evening.

RTAG 52 TTMany remote works like to still get dressed and ready for their day, even when working from residence, as it helps them to get into the work mindset( it also concludes it easier to turn on your video if you’re not wearing your Spongebob jammies ).

RTAG 53 TTDepending on the circumstances of your working from residence statu, you are eligible to even “commute” to work by taking a walk around the block or even grabbing a chocolate, same as you would if you were on your nature to a physical office.

RTAG 54 TTMuch like choosing a dedicated work space in your residence, Steve Lyall, Senior Solutions Consultant at Vidyard, says that this can help you create a separation between your home epoch and your work time–even if they’re both happening in the same physical space.

Don’t Forgotten to Feed Yourself( Yes, Seriously) RTAG 55 TTAn in-office work day tends to come with built-in undermines, whether that’s lunchtime or even precisely chit-chat with a coworker over the top of your monitor.

RTAG 56 TTWhen you’re working from residence, it can be harder to remember to make these breaks.

RTAG 57 TTThat’s why several Vidyardians recommend defining startles to remind you to get up and grab a glass of spray or do yourself lunch. Small-time snaps in your epoch can also help keep you productive.

RTAG 58 TTBrittanny Smith, an Account Executive at Vidyard, labor from home two or three days each week.

RTAG 59 TT“Since it is so quiet at my house and I can hinder my honcho down toiling, I’ve recently started exerting my Apple Watch to remind me to get up every hour and is water, just so that I’m not sitting for hours at a time, ” she says.

Learn From the ProsRTAG 60 TTGreg Kelly, Strategic Alliance Manager at Vidyard, works out of the company’s Vancouver office and wastes about half of his time running from home.

RTAG 61 TTIn this short video, he shares his top tips for succeeding from residence although we are taking care of your personal wellbeing.

IMG 9 TTSeparate Work and Home TasksRTAG 62 TTPeople often joke about significant benefits of succeeding from dwelling being that you can get laundry done while you transmit emails, but this approach may not be ideal for numerous people.

RTAG 63 TTSandy Pell, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Vidyard, recommends just trying to separate succeed and dwelling enterprises as far as is possible so that you don’t end up letting chores take over your work day.

RTAG 64 TTSetting up regular break-dances can help with this, as you can determine eras when you can tackle a dwelling task for a few moments, if you so select. Set a timer for yourself so you don’t get too caught up in something other than your work day.

Think About the Experience and Be Inclusive of EveryoneRTAG 65 TTWhen you’re setting up intersects that include remote workers, be sure to think about what the experience is for them.

RTAG 66 TTWherever possible, consider a mixed group of on-site and offsite people in a meeting as though all are remote, especially in cases where remote attendees outnumber on-site attendees. One easy nature to do this is to suggest that everyone attach a video call individually from their computer. This road everyone gets the same experience.

RTAG 67 TTIf you’re going to have some fill attendees in the same room while others are remote, try to be mindful of still finding ways for them to participate meaningfully.

RTAG 68 TTFor instance, Steve Lyall, Senior Solutions Consultant at Vidyard, suggests trying out Zoom’s annotation feature( or even a shared Google doc) instead of using a physical whiteboard for brainstorming.

RTAG 69 TTHaving specified crack and lunch times is key. I cherish taking the dog for a step at lunch where experience permits!

IMG 10 TTErica MorganVidyardLaunch Program ManagerHow Do I Manage Remote Working with My Imperative as a Parent? RTAG 70 TTFor mothers, especially those with smaller children who may be around when they’re manipulating from home, remote direct can be a delicate balance.

Let Colleagues Know About Possible Disruptions in AdvanceRTAG 71 TTOne of the most basic things you can do, much like the advice earlier on updating your availability, is let your colleagues know that your minor is at home and there may be interruptions.

RTAG 72 TTThis is especially important if you’re on a video call and there’s the possibility their own children may come into the room or otherwise distract from the entitle, says Chris Broughton, a Technical Account Manager at Vidyard.

RTAG 73 TT“If the kids are around, I will ever try to pre-warn the Zoom meeting kinfolks that there may be noise in the background and I’ll use mute regularly, ” he explains.

RTAG 74 TTLetting other people in your label only knew possible stoppages leaves them a heads up on what to expect and can start the experience less baffling for everyone involved if it does happen.

Working From Home as a Parent Can Be ToughRTAG 75 TTRemember ATAG 43 TTthe viral video of a humankind being interviewed on the BBC? Professor Robert Kelly was live on the BBC via video bawl, when one of his minors snuck into its term of office. Luckily, he managed to maintain his composure and complete the interview.

RTAG 76 TTIt’s a good remember though that most parents deal with this kind of thing and beings are pretty understanding about it.

IMG 11 TTTeach Your Kids to Say HelloRTAG 77 TTRather than secreting their own children away–which, will vary depending on your dwelling and family, may not be very feasible–you can turn remote working into a learn opportunity for your kids.

RTAG 78 TTThomas Ryan, Customer Success Manager at Vidyard, says one of his biggest acquires as a father has been teaching his kids to greet parties on the other side of his screen in a respectful manner.

RTAG 79 TT” I find trying to seal that chaos apart to be incredibly hard-bitten ,” he explains.” Now when I’m on calls and they wander in, they say hello, and while somewhat intrusive it’s not a crumble of our exchange, time a cute moment that transfers by. There’s no reason to hide the human element of us, for the most part !”

RTAG 80 TTThis is a great way to minimize the possible interruption while still letting your teenagers feel involved.

Learn From the ProsRTAG 81 TTTara Cabral, Director of Segment Marketing, regularly wields from home. In this short video, she shares her top tips for working from dwelling as a mother and administering a crew remotely.

IMG 12 TTWhat Remote Working Tools Do I Need? RTAG 82 TTThere may be tools and tech specific to your capacity or organization that you’d need to think about ensuring “youve had” remote access to( such as setting up a ATAG 44 TTVPN ).

RTAG 83 TTThere are also tools just about anyone can use that are incredibly helpful “when youre a secretary” remotely. These are just a few of our teams’ favorites.

Google Suite for Remote Access and CollaborationRTAG 84 TTATAG 45 TTGoogle Suite is a cloud-based word processing, spreadsheet, and slideshow software that includes cloud-based storage for other files.

RTAG 85 TTIt compiles it easy to access the files you need, when you need them , no matter where you are. Plus, you can share access with colleagues and collaborators in a couple of clinks with built-in sharing and allow settings.

RTAG 86 TTSomething that’s immense about Google Suite is that more than one person can work in the same document at a time. You’ll realize illusions letting you know who else has it open along with cursors that establish you where they’re typing. Update sync live and there are built-in suggesting and observation boasts that make it easy to give feedback and collaborate.

Slack to Keep in TouchRTAG 87 TTATAG 46 TTSlack is an instantaneou messaging pulpit that was built to make it easier for businesses to keep in touch.

RTAG 88 TTUsing Slack moves communication more instantaneous and much easier than constantly emailing backward and forward( though you’ll likely still want to use email for certain things ).

RTAG 89 TTThe vast majority of questions can be answered quickly and asynchronously utilizing Slack. Ensuring up-to-date Slack statuses is a very important part of working from residence effectively.

IMG 13 TTMarcel Van Der LindeDevelopment Team LeadRTAG 90 TTYou can create channels( either public so anyone within your organization can assemble or private so you are eligible to invite members) on any topic.

RTAG 91 TTAt Vidyard, we have directs for different crews, jobs, and even interest groups. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on a project status or share an update swiftly with your entire team.

RTAG 92 TTYou can also immediately send other people who belong to your organization, like the virtual equivalent of tapping person on the shoulder.

RTAG 93 TTWant to get a little more personal? ATAG 47 TTVidyard is integrated into Slack, meaning that you can record and send a video to a peer only by type/ vidyard.

RTAG 94 TTPro Tip: Slack has put out a template peculiarity ATAG 48 TTtips for using their commodity to work remotely. Check it out.

Zoom to Give Meetings a More Human TouchRTAG 95 TTBetter than conference calling, ATAG 49 TTZoom is a video conferencing implement that enables you set up video announces with anyone.

RTAG 96 TTThough you can use Zoom for an audio-only call, turning on your video is a great way to connect and engage with coworkers. It’s also good for announces with prospects, clients, collaborators, and anyone else you need to work with outside of your organization.

RTAG 97 TTBrittanny Smith, an Account Executive at Vidyard, utilizes Zoom for sales calls at home much as she would from the office.

RTAG 98 TT“Try to use a desk or table that’s not in your kitchen, so that customers don’t see your fridge or berthed in the background, ” she admonishes. “Be mindful of the background just as you would when determining videos for a client in the office.”

Vidyard for Asynchronous CommunicationsRTAG 99 TTThe ATAG 50 TTVidyard Chrome extension( or other ATAG 51 TTVidyard apps) clears it easy to record and share webcam or ATAG 52 TTscreenshare videos.

RTAG 100 TTThese ATAG 53 TTrecorded videos are excellent for asynchronous communications. Plus, they have the lent bonus of advising you when someone’s watched your video, forming it perfect for important messages.

RTAG 101 TTSome instances when you might use ATAG 54 TTvideo messaging created with Vidyard while working remotely 😛 TAGENDIf you want to share a quick project update with the team, but don’t need a full gratify to do so, record a immediate webcam video causing everyone the main pointsIf you want to walk someone through something, make a quick how-to videoIf your squad is in different time zones, preparing scheduling announces difficultIf you have a visual character and it’s much easier to show someone something than it is to explain it using text( like in an email ), record a screenshare video insteadRTAG 102 TTSending asynchronous video can also help ATAG 55 TTcombat Zoom fatigue.

ATAG 56 TTIMG 14 TTShare Videos with Your TeamCreate and share videos with your coworkers.ATAG 57 TTSign Up FreeHow Do I Manage Remote Employees( or Teams )? RTAG 103 TTOn top of the things a good manager does in-person, ATAG 58 TTeffectively controlling remote works represents putting a bit of extra reflect into your customary day-to-day interactions with reports.

Check in OftenRTAG 104 TTIf you’re a remote manager or controlling a remote work, it’s important to do regular temperature checks to see how they’re doing.

RTAG 105 TTTara Cabral, Director of Segment Marketing at Vidyard, has a direct report who regularly manipulates remotely. She recommends touching base with remote employees at least once or twice a daylight to see how things are going.

RTAG 106 TT“It’s easy to see when someone is stressed when they are beside you, but when they are remote, you might have to dig for it, ” she explains.

RTAG 107 TTKevin O’Brien, VP of Business Development at Vidyard, likes to schedule regular check-ins ahead of time so that his direct reports always have a prepared meter when they know they can discuss things with him. He prefers to set 15 minutes at the beginning of each day to ensure employees have time to chat about loitering issues or questions.

RTAG 108 TT” Recognize that employees won’t have the opportunity to walk by your table and ask questions and they’ll need a regular scheduled time to get that done ,” he advises.

RTAG 109 TTWhether you’re brand-new to working from home or it’s old hat for you, we hope these tips for labouring remotely have been helpful.

RTAG 110 TTIt’s easy to see when someone is stressed when they are beside you, but when they are remote, you might have to dig for it.

IMG 15 TTTara CabralVidyardDirector of Segment MarketingMake Sure Everyone’s IncludedRTAG 111 TTOne of the biggest things you can do to ensure that remote workers are happy and effective is to simply make sure they’re included.

RTAG 112 TTDay-to-day, a great deal of in-office discussions happen over the tops of observers, so if you’ve got someone working remotely try to be conscious of this and move things over to Slack schmoozes or Zoom announces. That path, your remote employees won’t miss out on the important discussions they need to do their job.

RTAG 113 TTIf you’re sharing a complex record or project info that you might otherwise have tolerate next to someone and clarified, try recording a quick video to walk them through it so that they still get the context they need.

RTAG 114 TTLikewise, if you’re planning a unit ligament contest, is there a direction for them to participate even if they can’t be in person? Or, if they’re simply remote part-time, is secure to planned unit episodes for epoches and periods when you know they’ll be able to attend.

RTAG 115 TTFind opportunities to celebrate their milestones by using a personal touch, such as sending over a video and/ or small-scale gift.

ATAG 59 TTIMG 16 TTSimple and Secure Video CommunicationsATAG 60 TTIMG 17 TTCreate videos that engage works at all levels of the company–quickly, readily, and securely.ATAG 61 TTLearn MoreRTAG 116 TTThe post ATAG 62 TTRemote Working Tips From Those Who Do it All the Time sounded first on ATAG 63 TTVidyard.

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