Keto 101 – Future Research

In animal models and in cell
culture models, ketones have been shown to kind of protect
and preserve mitochondrial function. If you remember the
mitochondria, there are very important organelle within our
body that takes the food that we eat and converts it into ATP
energy. And it has been shown in animal
models that mitochondria seem to function better when they're
provided with ketones. So this is another really
interesting area of research. And so ketogenic diet is being
studied for general health effects, athletic performance, so, again, areas of active
research right now. And this is really looking at
primarily endogenous ketones coming from a ketogenic diet,
but a very hot area of research. And it's been incredible to see the rapid
progression of this field such that there are human
clinical trials ongoing that I've mentioned. So I'm anxious to see how these
studies pan out.

I can't wait to find out,
because, of course, this is just an incredible area of

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