Keto 101 – Exogenous Ketone Supplementation Without Dieting

(upbeat music) – If a person is not on a ketogenic diet, would they be able to supplement
with exogenous ketones and still receive benefits? If so, what type of health
benefits would they receive based on your recent study? So, we actually have tested this directly. We are well aware that, in fact, not everyone can follow a ketogenic diet or will follow a ketogenic diet, but in some cases, producing
your own ketones is something that, biologically, your body is not able
to do very efficiently and the reason for that is that the production of
ketones depends critically on a hormone known as glucagon. And glucagon and insulin are
antagonistic to one another. What that means is that
when insulin is high, your glucagon levels are suppressed. If glucagon levels are suppressed, what that means is that
the body is not able to easily produce
ketones and, as a result, particularly in those situations, exogenous ketones can kind
of break past that barrier and get the body into a
better metabolic state.

What we have seen is that networks in the brain will stabilize
with exogenous ketones, even when people are
following a non ketogenic or even high glycemic index diet. Our animal results suggest
that exogenous ketones, even in the presence of glucose, show that the mechanism behind
that stabilization is likely to be that signals are
conducted faster in the brain, both along and between neurons. (upbeat music).

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