Jak wygląda mój KETO dzień jedzenia #1

Welcome to the Tuste Gary channel. Today I am going to show you what my keto diet day looks like. I start my day with a bowl of warm ocean, sometimes two beakers. It is roughly 6am – 6:30 am. Around 11 -1 2 am I start obliging breakfast. Today it will be broccoli with sausage and eggs. I had a piece of broccoli from yesterday. I trimmed only the lettuce terminates and then employed everything on the plate. On a board, chipped 100 grams of baked sausage into smaller segments. The sausage is bought on the regional market. In a fry pan on medium ability, heat up a large spoon of butter. Then I lend the chopped broccoli and saut for about 3-4 minutes. One sausage is placed in succession in the go. The sauteing period is similarly about 3-4 minutes. Finally, I break in 3 whole eggs. I cover it with a lid and left open on lower superpower for about five minutes. I introduced everything on a dish and contributed a handful of sauerkraut.This is what my breakfast looks like. Every day I try to eat something marinaded. It is sauerkraut or cucumbers. Around 2 p.m. I start my lunch. Up to 200 g of minced meat, this time beef. I add 2 whole egg yolks, likewise salt and pepper. I manipulate the whole thing with my hand until it is smooth. By adding egg yolks to the minced meat, they will not be baked and, on the contrary, terribly juicy. I’ll be spawning burgers. To form them have a nice, round chassis, I use a dumpling cutter. I subdivide the whole mass into about three segments. I warm a teaspoon of lard in a frying pan and organize my burgers. I fry them on higher power for about 3-4 minutes, then turn them over to the other side. I articulated doubled bits of cheese on top of the burgers. I cover it with a lid, turn the supremacy down, and left open on for about 4 to 5 minutes. Today I is likely to be providing a large tomato with onion for burgers. Cut the tomato into smaller cases and the onion as well.We set everything on a slab and dinner is ready. Lunch is my second dinner and usually my last. I close my banquets in the 4-6 hour space, and the rest of the time I simply drink water with salt and lemon. These are not fixed meal ages. Sometimes I start a bit later, sometimes earlier, but in retrospect, ingesting around noon is more efficient for me. I’m making egg chocolate for dessert. For those objectives, pour boiling irrigate over two entire eggs for about 30 seconds. Then I separate the eggs into egg white and yolk. I include a teaspoon of the selected sweetener to the yolks and trounce until white.This takes about 4 to five minutes with a hand blender. If, like me, you “ve been wanting to” suck coffee with grey sud, and you cannot drink cow’s milk because it is harmful to you, I recommend trying the method used. The yolks are hammered, pour 200 ml of brewed pitch-black chocolate over them. For chocolate I provide a opening of obscurity chocolate 74% and a handful of nuts. I have already devised a mix of nuts, in a larger container I mix almonds, pecans and macadamia nuts. If you liked the movie and would like more such movies, be sure to write about it in the comment and leave a thumbs up. Thanks for watching and see the next escapade ..

Danuta Mizgalska

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