Jak wygląda mój KETO dzień jedzenia #1

Invite to the Tłuste Gary network. Today I am mosting likely to reveal you what my keto diet plan day looks like. I start my day with a cup of cozy water, occasionally two mugs. It is about 6am – 6:30 am. Around 11-12 am I begin making morning meal. Today it will certainly be broccoli with sausage and also eggs. I had a piece of broccoli from yesterday. I reduced just the green ends and after that put every little thing on the plate. On a board, cut 100 grams of dried sausage into smaller pieces.The sausage

is acquired on the neighborhood market. In a fry pan on tool power, warm up a huge spoon of butter. Then I include the sliced broccoli and also sauté for about 3-4 minutes. One sausage is placed in succession in the pan. The frying time is similarly concerning 3-4 mins. Lastly, I barge in 3 whole eggs. I cover it with a cover and also leave it on reduced power for about 5 mins. I put every little thing on a plate and also include a handful of sauerkraut. This is what my breakfast looks like. Every day I attempt to eat something pickled. It is sauerkraut or cucumbers. Around 2 p.m. I start my lunch. Up to 200g of minced meat, this time around beef. I add 2 whole egg yolks, also salt and pepper.I worked the whole thing with my hand until it is smooth. By including egg yolks to the minced meat, they will certainly not be dry and also, on the contrary, extremely succulent. I ' ll be making burgers. To make them have a nice, rounded shape, I make use of a dumpling cutter. I divide the entire mass into regarding 3 sections. I warm a teaspoon of lard in a fry pan as well as prepare my burgers.I fry them on greater power for about 3-4 minutes, after that transform them over to the opposite side. I place dual pieces of cheese in addition to the hamburgers. I cover it with a cover, turn the power down, and leave it on for about 4 to 5 mins. Today I will certainly be serving a large tomato with onion for hamburgers. Cut the tomato into smaller sized pieces and the onion too. We placed every little thing on a plate and also dinner is ready.Lunch is my 2nd meal as well as normally my last.

I shut my dishes in the 4-6 hour window, and the rest of the time I only consume alcohol water with salt and also lemon. These are not taken care of meal times. In some cases I begin a little later, often previously, yet in retrospect, consuming around twelve noon functions best for me. I ' m making egg coffee for treat. For this function, put boiling water over 2 entire eggs for concerning 30 secs. Then I divide the eggs into egg white and also yolk. I add a teaspoon of the chosen sweetener to the yolks and defeat up until white. This takes around 4 to 5 mins with a hand mixer. If, like me, you like to drink coffee with white foam, as well as you can not drink cow ' s milk because it is damaging to you, I advise attempting this method. The yolks are whipped, put 200ml of made black coffee over them.For coffee I serve a window of dark delicious chocolate 74 %as well as a handful of nuts. I have already prepared a mix of nuts, in a larger container I blend almonds, pecans as well as macadamia nuts. If you suched as the flick and also would certainly like extra such motion pictures, make sure to discuss it in the comment as well as leave a thumbs up. Thanks for watching and also see the following episode.

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