Is Your Keto Ice Cream Keto-Friendly?

all right so today I want to evaluatethe so-called friendly keto ice creams you’re gonna be exposed to a lot ofdifferent concoctions and sometimes you don’t know if they’re actually thathealthy or not but to be defined as keto you want to be low-carb but even that isa highly loose word and there’s no precise law explanation of a low-carb so mywhole thing to enhance healthful keto the health form of the ketogenicdiet and that includes nutrient-dense foods that have higher qualityingredients so let’s just kind of go through each firebrand and let’s talk aboutsome of the ingredients I’m not gonna placed all the ingredients there I did notsee a number of problems with a great deal of the ingredients but there’s severalingredients that I am concerned about now the first thing I learned justmentioned is sugar alcohols so most of these labels use a sugar booze callederythritol now what’s good about that is it’s zero on the glycemic indexwhat’s bad about that is that unless it’s non-gmo it could be made from GMOingredients so on some of these products I did not ensure the non GMO in fact all ofthem I did not see if it’s non-gmo or not so if it’s GMO that could be aproblem especially if it’s made from corn because it could have draws ofglyphosate that herbicide so that’s one thing the second thing you need to knowabout is when you start consuming ice cream it’s very easy to expend a lot ofit and one serving width will give you 7 grams of erythritol the keto brandwill give you 8 grams and the rebel will give you 9 grams of sugar booze sodon’t be surprised if you have digestive topics bloating diarrhea specially ifyou actually have too much now as far as the halo symbol I could not find thisdata all I did find was halo is the fact that it had 10 grams of net carbs fairly highalso it contained wheat flour augmented and wheat flour which that is a badingredient and sugar now taught likewise had sugar in it which II’m very much against especially if you’re adding protein which is the milkprotein with the sugar that can create a sticky protein iscalled advanced glycated protein it is therefore meets things all sticky and there’s alot of problems linked to that because what they have to do when they make this icecream is applied everything in a barrel and cook it so your pasteurizing it to keepthe bacterial tallies low-grade and then if you have sugar with some of the proteinswhich I’m going to talk about that’s when you have their own problems now if wecompare this to traditional regular ice cream at the accumulate I make there’s a lotmore sugar in those labels so this is gonna be less but you don’t really wantany lent carbohydrate to your ice cream or any ketose snack for that matter now theother thing I didn’t like about keto is the tapioca fiber I don’t like anythingtapioca it’s just not a good keto friendly ingredient that I wouldrecommend so now let’s go through some of the other parts some of theseproducts had skim milk some had ointment the majority of members of them had cream and some hadwhole milk the problem with these is that you don’t know if they’re organicin fact if they’re not labeling it as organic you know it’s not organic it’scommercial milk concoctions and with commercial-grade milk products you have thecow spending corn in grunge which is gonna be GMO I would challenge thesecompanies to go organic with at least the dairy responsibility right through now theother thing I just mentioned is the sugar you don’t want to have any sugarin the concoction or wheat or tapioca the egg yolk that they used was not organicit should be so you want to do organic egg yolks because you really don’t knowthe quality of the chicken that laid the egg so I mentioned some of the pointsright here but the most serious problem with every single one of these brands is thisingredient right here MPC milk protein converges another list forthat would be milk protein isolates exact same productnow what MPC is it’s a group of proteins that come from milk they’re dehydratedand dehydrated out it has a combination of casein whey protein other proteins and Iwant to settled a marry links down below to show the relationship between theseproteins and inflaming in your liver now I personally have first-handknowledge of this because anytime I expend anything with this oneingredient I can feel my liver becoming inflamed there’s pain around the liverapparently I’m extremely highly sensitive to that product now this is what peopledon’t realize is that almost all milk protein concentrates are imported fromChina and Mexico and on top of that this product is not regulated so anytime wehave something imported and we don’t really know where it’s coming from orwhat was done to it because we know it’s not organic so there’s just a lot ofunknowns and if you’re one of these brands watching this video right now Iwould highly indicate you get rid of this ingredient from your productnot to mention go organic with the with the dairy commodities and the egg productsand make sure you have no included carbohydrate or tapioca and of course make the flour outof the product that is not keto friendly anyway thank you for having watching and I willsee you in the next video hey we’re back with another amazing recipe no specks no sugartotally keto there’s no suffering on keto absolutelynot Karen and it’s an immune system builder utterly you have to check this out I think you should hurry up keep watching the recipe and make it yourself it’s just soeasy to be keto but is it simple it’s super simple wehope you enjoy inducing it as much as we are enjoying eating it

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