Is Salted Egg Keto Friendly?

Do you love the rich taste and texture of a salted egg? And are you wondering, is salted egg keto friendly? Continue reading below to find out.

Is Salted Egg Keto Friendly
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What Is Salted Egg?

Salted duck egg (more commonly known as salted egg) is an Asian preserved food made by soaking duck eggs in brine or by packing them in damp, salted charcoal.

Traditionally, duck eggs are used because of their rich taste and texture. But sometimes, chicken eggs are also used, which have a lighter taste.

Furthermore, they are originally from China but are also sold and created in The Philippines. And in The Philippines, they are dyed red and called itlog na pula (red colored egg).

Nutritional Information For Salted Egg

One salted egg weighing 73g has 130 calories, 1g of total carbs and 9.6g of total fat. Additionally, it has 619mg of cholesterol, 156mg of potassium and 9g of protein.

So, let’s find out – is salted egg keto friendly? Read more below!

Is Salted Egg Keto Friendly? Can You Eat It While On Keto?

Yes, salted egg is keto friendly. One egg only has 1g of total carbs and 9.6g of fats. Furthermore, it is minimally processed and has no unhealthy ingredients.

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Where To Get Salted Egg?

Salted egg can be found at Asian grocery stores, or on Amazon:

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