Is Mustard Keto Friendly?

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Is mustard keto friendly? Let’s find out if this pantry staple can be enjoyed by people on the keto diet.

Is Mustard Keto Friendly
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What Is Mustard?

Mustard is a condiment usually made from white/yellow and/or brown mustard plant seeds. The mustard seeds are either whole, ground, cracked or bruised. And then they are mixed with water, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, salt, and other spices to create the paste.

The color and taste of mustard ranges from bright yellow to dark brown and sweet to spicy. It is commonly used on sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers.

Furthermore, it has different varieties. Some of them are Yellow Mustard, Dijon Mustard, English Mustard, French Mustard and Honey Mustard.

Nutritional Information For Mustard

Let us analyze mustard’s nutritional information. 100g of yellow mustard has 60 calories, 3.4g of total fat and 5.8g of total carbs. It also has 4g of dietary fiber, meaning it only has 1.8g of net carbs.

Furthermore, it has 3.8g of protein and 152mg of potassium. It also has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

So, let’s find out ⁠— is mustard keto friendly?

Can You Use Mustard While On Keto?

Yes, you can. Yellow mustard is keto friendly. It has 1.8g of net carbs and 3.4g of total fat pero 100g. Furthermore, it is free from harmful ingredients. So, you can definitely enjoy it even while on keto.

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Where To Get Mustard?

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