Is Hummus Keto-Friendly? Can I Eas On Ketogenic Diet? – Dr.Berg

hey guys in this video we’re going to talk abouthummus and after I’m done with this video fortunes are you’re going to probably drive out and getsome hummus to start depleting it because it’s quite an amazing combination of six ingredientschickpea tahini olive oil lemon garlic and sea salt now when you buy hummus read the ingredientsand make sure it does not consume anything else like preservatives and chemicals and soy oil okaydon’t get that one give get onto mostly simply with these parts now let’s just first talkabout the chickpea garbanzo nut it actually has qualities to improve insulin resistance it helpsyour blood sugar so even though there’s a good quantity of carbohydrate it will not affect yourblood Sugar’s too much at all I have diabetics that devour this and it doesn’t really affectthem so that’s the good report plus if we lend these tahini and olive oil that fat buffers any typeof you know spike in insulin okay now I’m sure there’s a detail where you can consume too muchbut here’s the key is when you devour hummus make sure you use veggies not pita plunge I’msorry okay so it also has 75% in soluble fibers when this fiber goes into the large colon thesemicrobes start consuming it and they make this thing called butyric battery-acid which then feeds thecolon cells this acid is also really good for insulin resistance so it’s going to help you intwo ways now chickpeas are likewise high in molybdenum which likewise helps the liver detoxify certainthings like heavy metal music and too byproducts or toxins from Candida so that’s pretty cool andthen we get to tahini button that sesame seed oil sesame seed oil has a lot of qualities that sisalvitamins but it’s high in a methionine which is an amino acid which is good for depression and ananti gray-headed fuzz factor so if you’re insufficient in this amino acid you can get gray hair and I’mnot saying it’s going to help your fuzz but it could affect it gallbladder buoy omega-3 acidsand a lot of other nutrition it’s kind of same to peanut butter but it’s more bland olive oilI’ve done a forum on that restore the video that recently anti-inflammatory supports thecardiovascular plans high in vitamin E okay I get the additional damsel lemon lemon is reallygood for preventing kidney stones it’s also high in vitamin C and has a lot of other things aswell garlic it’s probably the most powerful anti microbial things you can consume and anti-cancerand there’s a lot of phytonutrients I signify it’s good for parasites and fungus and you reputation it andthen we got the sea salt sea salt is composed of 94 minerals so can I imply this is an incrediblecombination of parts to oblige hummus so it’s okay to expend it even on a ketogenic dietso okay people in summary you can either find some from the health of store or make it yourown and put a recipe down below check it out

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