Is Green Onion Keto Friendly?

Green onion adds flavor, crunch and color to various food dishes. But, is green onion keto friendly? Can people on the keto diet add this vegetable to their food? Let’s analyze its nutritional information and find out.

Is Green Onion Keto Friendly
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What Is Green Onion

Green onions are also called scallions. They are young onions harvested when their tops are green and their bulbs are underdeveloped.

Generally, green onions taste similar to onions, but with a milder flavor. In addition to that, they can be used raw, cooked or even pickled. People use to add them in a variety of food recipes, especially savory dishes.

Nutritional Information For Green Onion

Let us analyze the nutritional information of 15g of green onions. One serving of green onion (15g) has 4.8 calories. It also has 1.1g total carb, and 0.4g comes from dietary fiber. So, it has 0.7g of net carbs.

In addition to all of that, it has 2.4mg of sodium and 41mg of potassium. And it is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

So, is green onion keto friendly? Let’s find out

Is Green Onion Keto Friendly?

Yes, green onion is keto friendly. However, eat it in moderation. Per 15g of green onion has 0.7g of net carbs.

Furthermore, since they are low in fats, you will need to eat other keto friendly foods with a good amount of healthy fats.

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Where To Get Green Onion?

Green onions are easily available at your local grocery store. Or, if you’d like to grow your own, you can buy seeds from Amazon:

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